What is the best certification for project management


Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. Learn more. Project management certifications have claimed a place in every top IT certification list for years. That's because project managers are important to IT operations of all kinds.

How to make gunpowder from urine


Last Updated: April 2, References Approved. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Learn more You can make your own potassium hydroxide lye by soaking wood ash in rain water, and this type of lye is ideal for making liquid soaps. Working with lye is dangerous, and requires a number of safety precautions.

How to apply for a free grant from the government


Assistance is given in the form of home grants, down-payment assistance, and low-interest loans. The primary source of free housing grants is the government, through grant programs for home buyers. The U. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD , through a joint initiative with the Federal Government and banking, offers grants to encourage home ownership. The current housing market is ideal for those looking to buy while prices are low.

What is the best nikon lens for everyday use


While it might seem obvious to pick a Nikon lens to partner your Nikon DSLR or Z series camera, third-party lens makers like Sigma and Tamron also make some great lenses to fit Nikon cameras, so we've included those too. Read on to find out more What camera do you have. While you've come here to ready about the best Nikon lenses, you might be interested in our dedicated guide to the Nikon mirrorless camera system and lenses that includes all the latest kit, including the Z5 , Z6 II and Z7 II. But whether you're a Nikon DSLR user or mirrorless shooter, you're spoilt for choice with the array of lenses available for your camera to suit all budgets. The trouble is though that sheer number of lenses on the market can quickly get confusing, so how do you pick the best Nikon lens for you.

How to calculate moles from molarity


Chemical Calculations - The Mole concept states the equation between the number of moles, the number of particles, mass, molarity, and volume. How to Calculate moles based on molarity and volume. Through the mole concept, our people can find out the same value between units, for example the number of particles and molarity, or other forms of value. And you are well prepared now to see how to calculate moles based on molarity and volume. A mole is defined as the number of substances containing particles of that substance as many as the atoms contained in 12, grams of carbon atoms - In one mole of a substance there are 6. Where, the value of 6.

How to make nyonya kuih


Happy New Year to all the wondeful readers. It turned out so well that I thought I should share it with our Nyonya Food readers and maybe you can try making it for the coming Lunar New Year as Angku is widely used in Chinese prayers. Angku is a small dark orange oval nyonya delicacy which is made with glutinous rice flour wrapped with green bean filling. Angku has a high ritual value and it is commonly used for Chinese prayers and served during baby full moon parties. Angku has a sticky sweet texture but it is really nice if you eat it with a cup of Chinese tea.

What woman want in man


What makes a penis attractive. Not sure. Well, don't rely on your opinion to answer that question - science has the answer. A new survey, published yesterday July 23 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, aimed to find out which qualities women consider most carefully when deciding whether a penis is attractive. Researchers from the University of Zurich in Switzerland first asked a group of women, ranging in age from 16 to 45, to look at pictures of male genitalia and rate how "normal looking" they found each penis to be. Next, the penis oglers answered questions about which penile qualities they considered most important when assessing the attractiveness of a man's package.

How to do burnouts in a automatic


Search Home Products. How To. This is a written tutorial, if you'd prefer to watch a video just scroll to the bottom of the page. Traction control is designed to reduce power to wheels that are slipping or losing traction, if you try to do a burnout with your traction control on your vehicle will simply cut the power to the wheels and that means no burnout for you.

What is razr x ng


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