How to become a security guard

how to become a security guard

How to become a Security Guard

Security guards must have knowledge of security protocols, law enforcement tactics, and legal knowledge related to the profession. The educational path to becoming a security guard is very flexible and can be molded to an individual’s preferences. Jul 16,  · If you want to become a security guard, look on job boards online for entry-level security jobs and submit an application. If you’re called for an interview, you’ll need to submit to a background check, a drug test, and fingerprinting. To become a licensed security guard, look up the requirements for your state or country%(34).

Security guards are an important component of any public safety mechanism. They are responsible for safeguarding the guxrd as well as property of people in different situations. As a security guard, you will find a wide range of securuty options. Banks, shopping malls, metro stations, airports, hospitals, museums, cinemas, casinos and sporting arenas are just a few of the places where you can find work. The day-to-day role of a security guard often involves patrolling and monitoring the premises how to practice parkour in your house also keeping an eye on all the visitors during any public event.

If you would like to explore this line of work, then this guide has some useful information. At least 18 years old; pass background checks and fitness exam; undergo state-enforced training programs.

Most states require security guards to be licensed. Different vocational institutes provide certified training microsoft exchange what is it. Monitoring, coordination, active listening, speaking, critical thinking, network monitoring software, spreadsheet software, office suite software, word processing software, virus protection and transaction security software.

To become a security guard, you will need to be very good at the art of observing. You must also have excellent critical thinking ability and must be an efficient user of various types of surveillance programs, monitoring software, etc.

Furthermore, the ability to keep a cool head in securtiy and stressful situations hhow vital for any individual working within the security domain. In order to become a security guard in the US, you must be at least 18 and complete a High School Diploma. You can also enter the field with the equivalent GED General Educational Development certificate or some other comparable level of education.

Security guard training programs are made available by different vocational institutes while many employers also provide on-the-job training. Most states require all private security personnel working within their jurisdiction to be licensed. This is the minimum criteria that must be fulfilled. After you have obtained a High School Diploma, you are eligible to start training to become a security guard.

Different vocational education centers offer security guard training programs approved by the state. There are also private agencies that employ and train security guards. Many organizations banks, cinemas, shopping malls get in touch with them to find adequately trained security personnel for their safety needs. Conversely, some employers prefer on-the-job training for all security guards on their payroll.

To become a security guard, you will need to undergo and clear a thorough background investigation. This is likely to include fingerprint registration and family scrutiny as well as a detailed check into any possible criminal record in the past. Once you have cleared all background checks and sechrity training, you can then apply for work as a security guard. Your browser does not support JavaScript,Please enable Javascript,otherwise many features of site will be disabled! Online Education Programs.

Pell Grant Education Grants. Counseling Degrees. Featured Programs. Steps to Become a Security Guard Follow the procedure outlined below to become a security guard. Undergo Ghard After you have obtained a High School Diploma, you are eligible to start training to become a security guard. Qualify All Background Checks To become a security guard, you will need to undergo and clear a thorough background investigation.

Apply for a Job Once you have cleared all background checks and completed training, you can then apply for work as a security guard. All rights reserved. An IAC Company. Call Now Major Requirement. Key Skills. Annual Mean Salary. Job Outlook.

Should I Become a Security Guard?

Oct 15,  · To become a security guard, you will proceed through steps similar to the ones below. Apply for an open position of security guard. Be interviewed for the position. Pass a background check. Get hired as a security guard. Receive on-the-job training once hired. Security Guard Job Training. Security guards generally must complete training upon hire. Jan 08,  · Being a Security Guard - Armed requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. May have to complete an apprenticeship and/or formal training in area of specialty. Additionally, Security Guard - Armed typically reports to a manager. To be a Security Guard - Armed typically requires years of related experience. How to become a Security Guard. If you are interested in becoming a security guard, the following steps can be helpful: Earn a high school diploma, GED or equivalent. Obtain a two-year degree or similar certification in criminal justice or police science. Gain some experience in law enforcement.

In order to become an unarmed security guard in the state of Illinois, the first thing an applicant must do is obtain a P. The basic requirements for becoming an armed security officer in the state of Illinois are the same as for the unarmed security officer candidate except that the applicant must be at least 21 years old.

You must however, first complete the required hour Firearms training for security personnel, and then you must have already obtained your PERC card and be currently employed by a security or detective agency. The Firearms training covers the legal issues surrounding the use of force, the use of deadly force, the process of search, seizure and arrest while armed, the detention of individuals, as well as other legal and ethical matters. The Firearms training includes both marksmanship and target practice.

Additional courses can be taken in CPR and first aid, area lighting and traffic control to name a few. While these courses are not required, they can be crucial to career advancement.

I completed my Security Officer training requirements in but was denied a PERC card due to the fact that I was not current in child support. Ive worked as a security officer from till untill I was laid off.

Im current in my child support and have only missed a couple months in the past three years. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Applicant must be a U. Applicant must provide a social security number.

The application which you submit is valid for 36 months from the date of receipt. Applicant must receive his or her training in a state approved facility, such as local community colleges or at firms that are certified to provide security guard training. Previous article. Next article. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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