How to cover a notebook with fabric

how to cover a notebook with fabric

DIY – How to cover a notebook with fabric

Apr 20,  · to Cover a Composition Notebook with Angie JudaPinterest - - Fabric Notebook Cover Step 1: Materials Needed. Most importantly, you will need fabric. You can use as many or as few patterns as you want to Step 2: Cutting the Fabric. I'm finding it difficult to explain how to use the rotary cutter and mat in a way in which Step 3: How to Make an Applique.

I notwbook to have little notebooks on hand. Problem is, the really cute ones are usually the really expensive ones. And of course I want a yow one! See the instructions with step by step pictures for this notebook after the fabrc. Lay down the materials for your project. Decide how big your piece of fabric should be. You can do this by folding the side of the fabric inside the book for about an inch.

Fold the fabric how to find location of a mobile number the book like you see on picture 2 and cut about an inch around the book see picture 3. Put Mod Podge on the outside of your notebook.

Place the fabric on top of the notebook and push it into place. Put Mod Podge on the pieces of fabric on the side of your notebook hkw glue onto the inside of the cover of your notebook. Cut the fabric like you see on the picture. Glue the remaining fabric to the inside of your notebook.

If you want to you can now add ribbon. You can do this by glue it on the inside of the cover at the cver of the notebook where the fabric is glued to the inside. Glue the last and the first pages of the notebook to the cover. Follow Me! DIY — How to cover a notebook with fabric. You Might Also Like. DIY — Face planter. DIY — How to protect and whiten your wooden table.

DIY — Tattoo tights. Follow me on Instagram Instagram did not return a

Step 1: Materials Needed

Pretty and practical—who said utilitarian items needed to be boring? Give your standard office supplies an upgrade by personalizing a plain notebook to suit your tastes without spending a fortune. Store-bought office supplies can get pretty pricey after all. This simple project lets you add a stylish touch to a tool you use every day. Go bold! Cut the piece down to size so that there is roughly a two-inch overhang around the entire notebook.

Iron your fabric piece gently to remove any creases that might be on the fabric. In a well-ventilated area and on a protective surface, gently spray the surface of the notebook with the spray adhesive. Just a light even coat on the outside of the notebook will do.

After waiting a few seconds, place and gently press the outside cover in the middle of the fabric. Glue the fabric together. Now fold the fabric over again and glue so the fabric is now attached to the book. For non-bulky corners, fold the edges in like a triangle before gluing. Put a bit of glue on it to help it adhere and to prevent fraying.

Plus, you can choose from any of your favorite fabrics or even better, you can use scraps from previous crafts. This simple project will take less than an hour to do yourself and will save you from overspending on pricey store-bought office supplies.

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