How to get over claustrophobia naturally

how to get over claustrophobia naturally

Learn To Overcome The Effects Of Claustrophobia

Nov 25,  · There are a number of natural remedies that can help you deal with claustrophobia, like: Meditation helps you achieve a stress-free life; A stressed-out person will tend to be more receptive to annoying factors that can disturb a peaceful state of mind. Nov 15,  · In addition to learning relaxation techniques, you can take steps to lessen strain on the nervous system. Reduce caffeine and sugar intake. Maintain a well-balanced diet. Be .

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Natural Claustrophobia Treatment Best Claustrophobia Treatment We recommend only the best natural claustrophobia treatment products: 1 Biogetica CalmoFormula : 97 points out of Order PureRelora. National Institutes of Health : At its core, claustrophobia means that someone experiences a panic attack, suffers severe anxiety or even just has mild anxiety when they are in a confined space. The fear of losing control is the most common experience with those who egt claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia is also more prominent than most people realize, in fact around 10 percent of the population is expected to have this problem during their lifetime. American Psychiatric Association says: Examples of claustrophobia causes could be being stuck in the train station between stations meaning it is dark or nqturally turbulence during a flight.

Sometimes it could also be because the person had a parent with claustrophobia, were abused or bullied as how to hold dslr steady for video child, or were kept or trapped in a confined space. National Health Service : If you want to learn more about how to prevent claustrophobia and how to get rid of claustrophobia, these are a few of the different ways that you can do that.

Nautrally the treatment of claustrophobia, it is a good idea to use a holistic experience. This can include a combination of natural claustrophobia treatment iver options and therapeutic treatment by a registered psychologist.

Best Claustrophobia Medications How to get rid of hoa We recommend only the best claustrophobia medications : 1 Biogetica CalmoFormula : 97 points out of

Best Claustrophobia Treatment

Progressively slow your breath and make it more shallow – to conserve carbon dioxide, our natural tranquilliser). Physical relaxing techniques. Relax your shoulders. Let your arms hang and imagine they are heavy wet raincoats hangins from pegs (your shoulders). Relax your face – jaw, forehead. Relax your eyes. Blink more to moisten them. Oct 01,  · Without treatment, you might find that you deal with claustrophobia by avoiding the object of your fear. You might stay away from tight places, taking the . Mar 15,  · One of the most common treatment methods used for claustrophobia is psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of treatment that works to isolate the negative thoughts that are a result of response to fear.

Claustrophobia is an irrational fear of being in a confined space. Claustrophobic individuals feel like they have no escape and often they start experiencing panic attacks by simply being present in a cramped setting. This specific phobia is a form of anxiety disorder which can be triggered by various situations including being inside elevators, travelling in an airplane and being in windowless rooms.

Moreover, small cars, tight-necked clothing and even being in a bedroom that has a lock on the outside can provoke feelings of claustrophobia. Feelings of anxiety linked to claustrophobia can become a serious health concern when the signs and symptoms become uncontrolled and they persist indefinitely. Additionally, if these symptoms cause immense emotional distress or start interfering with your daily routine activities, they can easily disrupt your personal, professional and social life.

In order to treat a disorder, it is essential that it is first identified and diagnosed. Thereby, we have prepared this detailed guide to the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of claustrophobia to help you achieve a peaceful mind and better lifestyle:. The symptoms of claustrophobia typically develop during adolescence or childhood. The two main symptoms of this anxiety disorder are: irrational fear of suffocation and irrational fear of restriction. A typical claustrophobic individual is likely to fear restriction in one or more of these settings: locked rooms, small rooms, caves, elevators, cellars, underwater caves, tunnels, trains, airplanes, buses, cars and even CAT or MRI scan apparatus.

They simply fear being confined in a single space. When your anxiety levels start to shoot up, you might start experiencing some of the following issues:. Extreme fear of enclosed spaces is an irrational fear.

Here are some common causes of claustrophobia:. The mind of claustrophobic individuals links danger and confinement together. Past experiences play a major role in the occurrence of this disorder in most cases.

Some conditioning experiences that might result in the onset of anxiety disorders such as claustrophobia include a child:. The amygdale is one of the most powerful and smallest structures present in our brain. It helps in the development of a fight-or-flight reaction and the conditioning of fear. A fight-or-flight reaction is developed when a grievous situation and a stimulus are associated together and the roots of claustrophobia are in this response.

Amygdala plays the following role in the generation of this fight-or-flight response: The anterior nuclei of amygdala are associated with fear. Some nuclei send impulses to other, which in result has an influence on physical arousal, respiratory rate, blood pressure, defensive responses, behavioral fear response, the release of adrenaline and heart rate.

These responses can cause an autonomic failure which can result in a panic attack. Oftentimes it can also be a prepared phobia. Genetically, human beings are predisposed to fear things that pose a risk to their well-being. The fear of suffocation or being entrapped, that was once essential for humans to survive, can get triggered at any time.

Claustrophobia is usually diagnosed after an individual consults a medical healthcare provider about other conditions related to anxiety. There are certain criteria that need to be met in order to diagnose an individual with specific phobia.

The criteria include the following:. Oftentimes, psychotropic medications prescribed by physicians are incorporated with psychotherapy to effectively treat claustrophobia. Therapies and self-help treatment programs are a must to slowly eradicate this problem from your life. If consumed separately, the symptoms of claustrophobia are most likely to return as soon as the consumption is stopped.

A physician or psychiatrist may prescribe anti-anxiolytic medicines or antidepressants temporarily in order to alleviate any physical symptoms of anxiety and panic associated with the phobia. These medications allow claustrophobic individuals to manage physiological, compulsive symptoms while they simultaneously seek treatment. These medications help reduce any physiological symptoms that are the result of claustrophobia.

For anxiety episodes that are less severe, Benzodiazepine-based medications can be used to enjoy quick relief. While benzodiazepine drugs are effective, they need to be constantly monitored due to their additive quality.

When panic is unbearable and relentless, antidepressants can be quite beneficial for the purpose. They are used regularly to treat phobia and anxiety.

Among people suffering from anxiety disorders such as claustrophobia, the antidepressants that are consumed most frequently are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain, also known as the happy chemical manages our mood. The purpose of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors is to make serotonin more readily available to our brain so that our brain can work to reduce our anxious feelings.

Medications like Lexapro, Zoloft and Paxil are commonly used selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and they are quite effective in treating most claustrophobia symptoms. One of the most common treatment methods used for claustrophobia is psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of treatment that works to isolate the negative thoughts that are a result of response to fear.

This effective treatment method helps claustrophobic individuals replace these negative thoughts with practical and healthier thoughts. If you are looking for some solution to your anxiety and claustrophobia problems, here are some treatment options to consider:.

The science behind this treatment method involves altering irrational and dangerous thought patterns in order to modify behaviors and emotions. This interference allows your brain to behave and react differently to situations you were originally afraid of. Clinicians enable claustrophobic individuals to challenge, change and confront their thought processes and attitudes so they can respond to stressful situations in a different manner.

This is a technique that involves visualization and relaxation to decrease feelings of anxiousness. Instructions are provided to claustrophobic individuals to help them visualize and relax while they experience the anxious feelings related to their specific phobia. This allows the patient to pay attention to methods of mental and physical relaxation while they remain exposed to a triggering situation.

The idea behind this method is to implement systematic desensitization of the fearful situation to help individuals overcome their irrational fears in uninterrupted steps. This treatment modality has shown great results when it comes to treating phobias stemmed by previous traumatic experiences.

This therapeutic practice helps individuals sort out their negative emotions and thoughts that may appear every time they experience something that reminds them of their past trauma. While conduction the eye movement desensitization and reprocessing method, an expert practitioner assists claustrophobic individuals in focusing on their personal, inner experience of the traumatizing event while they visually follow an outer stimulus alongside. Visualization and relaxation exercises are used as a treatment method for claustrophobia.

It involves easing panic and calming the mind through exercises such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, practicing mindfulness and meditation. During the execution of all these techniques, people suffering from claustrophobia are directed to count while they take slow and deep breaths, and visualize a calming, safe place. Additionally, these individuals are encouraged to remain focused on something non-threatening and tangible. We hope that with all the aforementioned information on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of claustrophobia in our extensive guide, you found something worth your while.

Remember; never let embarrassment get in your way of speaking up about your anxiety disorders. Once you recognize and accept the problem, you will be on your way to treating it in no time. Ask your loved ones to help you get into self-help home treatment programs for claustrophia and explore treatment options to live your life without being haunted by any irrational fears and thoughts!

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Thereby, we have prepared this detailed guide to the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of claustrophobia to help you achieve a peaceful mind and better lifestyle: Table of Contents.

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