How to make recycled sweater pillows

how to make recycled sweater pillows

HOW TO: Recycle a sweater into a cuddly pillow for your couch

Nov 27,  · Turn the pillow right-side out and remove the pins along the hem. Measure out and mark a spot for 4 equally spaced buttons along the inside edge hem of the sweater. Use a . Nov 03,  · Use the front of your sweater for the front piece of the pillow. Just place the pillow on the sweater and cut around it. The sweater knit stretches so no need to add on any inches for “give”. Use the back of your sweater for the back pieces.

An easy way to recycle a sweater that is no longer usable into piloows nice child's pillow. Protect your child's head as you drive while they are in their booster seat. Supplies: Advertisement 1 sleeve from a sweater batting or recycled batting from an old pillow sewing machine hand needle and thread pins Instructions: Cut the sleeve out of a sweater.

If it is bigger on one end than the other then you will need to modify it by turning it wrong side out and measure the difference and sew another seam into it. Be seeater to trim off any unwanted fabric also. Fold into thirds and mark with two pins for stuffing. Advertisement Stuff one end then the other and stitch closed turning under the raw edges so they are not showing using pins to hold it in place until you stitch it.

Take the male section and tack it pilloas the side while pulling it towards you so it makes part of a U. See photo. Tack it well enough that it does not come undone.

What does the bible say about single mothers it on both ends and in the middle so it keeps it's form. Voila, you are finished! You now have a small pillow for your young child to relax in as you are driving. These are especially good for children who sits in a booster seat. Makes a wonderful birthday gift as well. Recycled Sweater Craft Ideas. Neck Pillow Craft Ideas. Neck Tie Christmas Wreath. Making a Sweater Pillow.

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Jan 09,  · Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this cozy DIY to make super cute home decor that was SUPER cheap to make!The sweaters I found were all only a few bucks each at the. Nov 25,  · Fold the neck of the sweater or shirt onto the back of pillow form. This will create a clean line across the top of the pillow. The same step can be used for shirts to keep collars flat and square. Add Stitch to Neck. Aug 03,  · Turn the acorn sweater pillow right side out and then stuff with fiberfill before stitching the hole shut. To make the leaf pillows, cut out two leaf patterns. One on leaf side draw veins with chalk and then stitch along the lines with crewel wool. Next, pin and stitch the oak leaf pieces right sides together leaving a 5 cm gap.

Remember back a few months ago when I created this 5 Minute Pillow Covers post and said that I seriously create pillow covers like this all the time? Yesterday I decided that I wanted to try to create a cozier pillow cover for a crappy old pillow that no longer matched my decor. I found an old sweater that I had bought in high school why do I keep clothes for so long!? So, enter the sweater pillow cover…. I wish I had some old chunky cable knit sweaters because I think those would look so awesome transformed into pillows.

But hey, maybe you have one and can try it! Mine had this half-assed purple cover on it that had seen better days, so I removed it to unveil an even uglier blue pillow…. Use the front of your sweater for the front piece of the pillow.

Just place the pillow on the sweater and cut around it. Use the back of your sweater for the back pieces.

I wanted to leave this thick hem detail as a part of the envelope style enclosure why not give it a bit of pizzazz right? Add 2 inches to the other side of the back piece as well and cut to size. I decided that the front of the sweater was a little too worn and pilled looking for my liking so I made the inside of the sweater the outside of the pillow. Place the other piece face DOWN on top of that one, making sure the edges all line up as best as you can.

Pin them together. You can trim any uneven pieces after. How cute would these be for Christmas using old holiday sweaters or nordic ski sweaters? Last Updated on November 3, Previous Post. Next Post. Skip to content. By Dana Fox.


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