How to paint like a pro

how to paint like a pro

How to Paint a Room

May 04,  · Fill the bucket about halfway with paint, then hang the grid inside the bucket. Dip the roller sleeve into the paint, and roll it against the grid to remove excess paint. It's that easy. Dec 21,  · How To Paint Like A Pro Fill The Nail Holes or Scratches. I know the added work isn’t appealing to many DIYers. To achieve the best finish it’s Invest In High-Quality Painting Supplies. An artist is only as good as his paintbrush, so be sure that you invest in Protect Anything That You Don’t.

By LuAnn Brandsen. When it comes to painting, homeowners often adopt a weekend warrior mentality, skipping or rushing through prep work in a quest for instant gratification. For top results, wash the surface with water, using a mild detergent if there are stains or residue.

Another key to success is to purchase top-quality paint and painting tools. Quality paint will go on easier, provide better coverage, and last longer than cheap paints. Likewise, top-notch tools contribute to a better finish. Similarly, choose a roller with a short nap for glossy finishes on smooth surfaces and one with a thick nap for textured walls.

According to Severino, the question of roller vs. Rolling saves time and gives a better finish. Here are helpful tips for tackling each:. How to Paint Ceilings. Adjustable fiberglass extension poles for rollers will save you countless trips up and down a ladder. How to Paint Walls. Overlap any areas where you cut in corners and edges, and finish an entire wall how to download breaking bad season 5 episode 9 moving on.

How to Paint Trim. Prep the surface, using a liquid deglosser rather than sandpaper if you have any concerns about lead paint on trim painted before Paint windows from the top down, leaving the sill for last.

For baseboard and molding, start in a corner and paint in a straight line to follow the length of the wood. To make the trim stand out, use a higher sheen than what is used on the walls. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. After washing the cabinets, remove the hardware and move doors and drawers to a workbench-type area.

Use a fine-grit sandpaper to roughen the surface. For a high-gloss finish, use a sandable primer that can be smoothed before painting. Finally, prime with an oil-base primer, then sand and wipe with a tack cloth before adding a topcoat. Kowalski suggests oil-base primer and top coat, noting that it is the most chip resistant. For doors with panels, paint the interior section first, then paint the rails horizontal pieces and stiles vertical pieces. Disclosure: BobVila.

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Painting How To: Paint Like a Pro Take it from the pros—a superior paint job requires a lot more than choosing the right paint color. More From Bob Vila. Newsletter signup: You agree that BobVila.

How To Paint Like A Pro: Tips

Ones you knew were done by a pro. Today we are talking about how to paint like a pro. Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks the pros know. I love a good painting project. However, as great as a fabulous paint job can be for your project, if done incorrectly, it can absolutely ruin everything you have done up until that point.

Before you start your next painting project, use these painting tips to ensure that your project turns out looking the best way possible. Try one of these painting tips today! Small wooden scratches can be easily fixed by rubbing a whole walnut across the affected area and nail holes can be fixed with a small coat of plaster or joint compound. I also always like to sand my painting surfaces before I begin. An artist is only as good as his paintbrush, so be sure that you invest in top-of-the-line paint rollers, paint brushes, and painters tape.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Cover furniture and flooring, or anything else you want to be protected with sturdy drop cloths. Remove outlet covers, cover trim, and other detailing in a layer of painters tape. Painters can protect doorknobs if they use a plastic sandwich bags and a small trips of painters tape. If you want to know how to paint like a pro, you need to do what the pros do. And, they cover everything. Using a separate primer is truly the only way to ensure that you will end up with a completely smooth painting surface and a great finish!

In fact, Pro painters suggest painting from top to bottom to cover any potential painting mistakes, runs, or splatters. If you paint over mistakes while wet, from top to bottom, the mistakes will pretty much erase themselves. Fix painting mistakes while the paint is still wet. You should always finish with a soft down roll from the top all the way to the bottom. No, not the number of minutes you would like to nap per day.

Talk to a team member from the hardware store where you are purchasing your paint from and give them details on the project you are undertaking, they should be able to recommend a good size! Want to know how to paint a straight line?

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