How to remove my phone from blacklist

how to remove my phone from blacklist

How do I remove a number from my block list?

Apr 02,  · Okay so my fiance paid dollars for an iPhone from GameStop, I received the phone today and took my SIM card out of my current phone and put it in the new one, after about 45 minutes my phone said the device was blocked. I went to GameStop who told me to go to att and they told me it was blacklisted. Jan 26,  · Get your iPhone Unblacklisted with an IMEI Unblacklist iPhone Check: Identify whether your iPhone’s IMEI is blacklisted. Find which carrier blacklisted it. Learn the blacklist reason. Find out in which countries your iPhone will not be allowed to operate. Gain access to available iPhone blacklist.

Especially when you bought a used iPhone to save a few dollars, and it turns out that its IMEI number is reported as lost or stolen. Get an iPhone Blacklist Removal. There are three reasons why an iPhone can get blacklisted. Each carrier has its own blacklist IMEI database which is shared among all carriers within a country, and some countries even share them with each other. According to many of our visitors, Colombia has recently joined forces. Before explaining how to unblacklist an iPhone, it is really important to know about the restrictions of a blacklisted phone.

You cannot use the device with any mobile network in the country where it has been blacklisted. This restriction is further extended since the phone cannot be used with any mobile network worldwide unless it is simultaneously SIM unlocked. In this way, IMEI blacklist databases prevent the use of any device, locally or globally, that is recorded on them. Check what you can do if you have already bought a stolen iPhone. If you purchased a used iPhone and it has no signal no matter what SIM card you are using, there is a really good chance that it is blacklisted.

It is extremely important to check a used iPhone before you buy it and avoid this mess, but if you already have a blacklisted iPhone in your possession then, an iPhone Unblacklist Check is recommended before proceeding with an unblacklist or unlock blacklisted iPhone service.

Unblacklisting an iPhone is very different from Unlocking a blacklisted iPhone. The proper way to remove the blacklisted status of an iPhone is to have the blacklisting canceled by the original owner. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not possible. However, IMEI blacklist removal is possible with third-party services. Please note that when an iPhone has been successfully unblacklisted, you can only use it on the network that it is locked to.

This option is only applicable if you are going to use the iPhone in a different country to the one that blacklisted it due to blacklist restrictions. This means that if you remove the SIM lock from a blacklisted iPhone you can use it in other countries without any problems. This is the ideal choice for someone who bought a blacklisted iPhone but lives in a different country how to get to godwars 2007 the one that blacklisted the iPhone.

There is no universal iPhone unblacklist or unlock blacklisted iPhone solution out there. Each blacklisted iPhone case is unique and requires a very specific solution. The best and easiest way to find out all the above instantly and essentially check if there is a solution is an iPhone IMEI Unblacklist Check.

Apart from being a frequent writer here in Unlock. The first step is to find out why it was blacklisted. This will help us to find out if there is a service available for cleaning it. Please use our Contact Us form with all the information about your device and one of our agents will inform you all the available solutions. Steven, did you resolve the issue?

Did your phone got clean IMEI now? I had a similar situation and I am looking for a solution, too. I suggest doing an iPhone Unblacklist Eligibility checkso iPhone experts can inform you the exact status of your iPhone and how to start using it again.

First, from which network your iPhone 11 Pro Max was blacklisted and what is the reason of the Blacklist. It will give you all those information and also locate any available services that can unblacklist your iPhone. Is there anything I can do? I have tried contacting them again with no luck. Thank you for your help. If you made an online purchase and you used PayPal, dispute this transaction and get your money back I am sure that other online payment methods have similar tools to request your money back.

If an iPhone is iCloud Locked and Blacklisted, then only the original owner can remove it. Since your boyfriend reported it as Stolen, it means that he is the original owner of that device. There is not much you can do, especially if he also activated with his iCloud account.

I bought from someone as second handed but still unopened. I factory unlocked it and it was working very good until 1 week after that I had no signal. Can I use this iPhone in a different country or I need to unblacklist it first? How can I open the iPhone Lock? Please advise. I am in Madagascar. Is there any possibility to unblacklist online.

Please send link…. I lost bucks and have a voucher. Can I trust your service? I understand now that there are so many scammers out there whatever you want status quo tab grab your money. The iPhone is blacklisted. Is there any chance to unblacklist that iPhone? I have a T-Mobile iPhone 6 that is blacklisted. How can I remove the Blacklist. I used the iPhone for a while and then it just stopped working.

I have purchased a used iPhone 7 plus in India and it is in the blacklist how to remove my phone from blacklist united states and the iCloud is locked. Is it possible to remove the iPhone from blacklist and use it with an Indian network without any problems?

Let me know so that I go for iPhone unlocking in that respected site and how much does it cost and how many days it takes to unlock? Thank You. I have an iPhone 7 which is locked by iCloud and obviously is blacklisted. How can this be fixed? Hi, I bought an iPhone 7 from someone online. I used it for a couple of days then the individual I bought it from called saying he lost it.

Now it says no service cause the carrier blacklisted it as a lost iPhone. Is there any way to unblock it so I can use this iPhone in Europe? The carrier is Rogers it is blacklisted in Canada.

I got an iPhone 6 that I purchased about 3 how to dial in japan ago and it started beeping when I tried making calls but it got a signal and I can use 3G on it for internet access.

I have done some checks and found out it was blacklisted by t-mobile UK so, I went onto an eBay blacklisted remover and after a few weeks it happened to put my virgin SIM card in and it rang so I also tried to how to remove my phone from blacklist out and it was spot on. Is there any way, if it gets blocked by the provider to unblock it? My brother in India got an iPhone from our relative who lives in the US. The person sold the iPhone very cheap to my brother and then made an insurance claim as lost.

My brother unlocked the iPhone through a mobile shop and is using that phone now in India. If he sends that iPhone to me back in the US can I use that phone without any complication? They might track the iPhone since it was blocked here before. I bought a straight talk iPhone and they told me it was unlocked. It says SIM not supported. The contract is supposed to be for 12 months and the carrier has blocked unlocking. Am I still able to unlock it with this iPhone Unlock program?

Please help me. Can I use it how to give free gifts on with my sim without any problems? If I network unlock the carrier then will I be able to use the iPhone in Europe with any sim? Hi, Jose! How can I do that? What services can provide fast and secure iPhone unlocking for me? Hi, Kisma! If you are not planning on living or visiting these countries, you how to write anthony in chinese have no problems!

Take care Kisma! I tried many unlocking services and all of them came back saying that they could not unlock my iPhone. The money also was refunded. I am currently in India. I want my iPhone to work in India with the local carriers. What can I do? Hi, Gaurang! Take care Gaurang! Your iPhone will be unlocked, at last! Hi, Leslie! Take care Leslie! I found an iPhone on a train.

Video Guide How to Repair IMEI using Chimera Tool

Aug 13,  · The best way of unblacklisting your phone is to firstly remove iCloud Activation Lock. If you can do that, you will remove your phone from blacklisting without having to consult any expert. To get started, consider using Tenorshare 4MeKey. Dec 03,  · Today, there is a fantastic online service that provides clean, fast and cheap IMEI blacklist removal. Find out more about the IMEI blacklist removal process. Since we are discussing the change of the IMEI number, it is obvious that you must know what your iPhone’s current IMEI code is. To discover it you can always dial *#60#, or you can go to SETTINGS- ABOUT iPhone (OR JUST PHONE) and . Dec 30,  · In your case your friend is actually selling a phone that does belong to his company. Right or wrong that company may have blacklisted the phone because it was never activated. I don't blame the company. The phone was blacklisted after the att system caught it was actived which takes about 2 weeks with all the IMEI's ATT has in its system.

Sat, Dec 30, PM. Accepted Solution. Official Solution. Only the person who had phone blacklisted can have it removed. What if the original owner did not blacklist it?

In my case, the original owner received the phone as a company phone. He never activated it. He sold the phone to me. I was the first to activate it.

He never blacklisted it. How do we get it off the blacklist? Never have, never will. My replies are based on experience and reading content available on the website. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove. Hi Liz, thanks for the reply. In my case, as I mentioned, no one has blacklisted the phone. I know the original owner. He did not blacklist the phone. Therefore, he cannot unblacklist the phone. Do you have insight as to way an administrator at the work would blacklist the phone?

Eric, the original owner never activated the phone and there was no company data on the phone. If they did blacklist, why is it an option for the owner to blacklist the phone a full 12 days after selling it? The IMEI was clean when we bought it. Again, what were we supposed to do. It wasn't blacklisted until 12 days after buying it. Why is this policy allowed? You can go round and round all you want, bottom line is it will never get off the blacklist, take it back get your money back, if you cant chalk it up to a bad experience.

Anyone can blacklist a phone that they were the original owner any time they want actually and this is with all us carriers and apple allows this. In your case your friend is actually selling a phone that does belong to his company. Right or wrong that company may have blacklisted the phone because it was never activated.

I don't blame the company. The phone was blacklisted after the att system caught it was actived which takes about 2 weeks with all the IMEI's ATT has in its system.

They didnt suspend your account they suspended the phone, you can put your sim card in a different phone and your services will still be active,. You never mentioned any conversation you had with the company that issued it to the person that sold it to you, did you have such conversation my guess is no and if you do im guessing the person that sold it to you will be in hot water.

Simonga25 : If his company closed nothing can be done. Get your money back. Wireless Forum. Like Comment Follow Share. Responses Accepted Solution. Sorry, only the person that put it on the blacklist can remove it from the blacklist. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.

Hardcore Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. Simonga25 Only the person who had phone blacklisted can have it removed. Simonga25 wrote: What if the original owner did not blacklist it? As employees we are not rewarded nor compensated to participate in these forums This forum is comprised of regular customers to communicate with other customers to offer advice and share experiences same as any other user Although there is a small team of customer care specialists that monitor the forums the sheer volume of posts are simply too many posts for these agents to respond to each one of them.

Has anyone challenged this policy? I appreciate that it is attempting to thwart theft. But it doesn't seem like good legal policy to allow any past owner of a device to be able to reach into the life of the current owner. Has anyone tried? Consistently and repeatedly telling their paying customers that their only option is to sell their phones or to get a refund is unacceptable. Simonga25 wrote: Has anyone challenged this policy? Ok, so the idea that the guy we bought the phone from never owned it and was functionally stealing from his company by selling his now-defunct company's phone makes sense.

We'll try to ask the seller about this. We don't really know the specifics as to whether this was a company phone or not, but that's the best conclusion we can come up with. If the phone is the property of the company I don't blame the company for blacklisting it either? I'd like to return the phone to company.

Why is the company's information not provided to me? In regards to the policy, I still disagree with this instance of the policy. I'm saying this policy is unnecessarily detrimental to second-hand buyers. When an owner sells a car for example, he has the title for the car, and he then transfers the title over to the new owner.

The new owner has proof that he bought and now owns the car. There should be something similar to this in place for phones, even though phones cost less. The idea that the previous owner of a car would be able to reach into the life of the current owner and make the car stop working is ridiculous.

Again, I'm not saying the whole policy should be tossed out, I'm saying this particular part of it needs to be fixed. I've had a device stolen in the past and I had it shut down. Cancel Post. Get started Ask a new question. Did this help you? No Yes. How can we improve? Send Feedback. Tags blocklist. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 please disable Compatibility View in order to continue using all community features.

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