How to restore a vintage caravan

how to restore a vintage caravan

How to Restore a Caravan

Dec 31,  · It is then best to drill new holes and use stainless-steel screws before applying new mastic or humidity will seep through, the structural timber of the caravan will start to rot and the interior walls will develop mould. Sourcing replacement parts and materials. . Jul 25,  · Step 1. First of all, you need to buy a retro van that’s within a reasonable budget. As a rule of thumb, vans from the s or earlier shouldn’t cost more than $ for the whole project – that includes buying the van, restoring it and getting it registered.

I still treasure the memories from that time. Dad bought all the latest camping gear including a six man tent with three rooms, blow up mattresses, gas cooker, portable gas fridge and gas lights.

Not the most ideal place for a family of six to live while we searched for a house. Fortunately only a couple of months reshore we found a home and settled back in the Blue Mountains — an absolute haven for camping. We would spend our holidays restorre and camping in the Grose and How to purchase land in texas Valleys.

My brother and our caavan would combine our pocket money and go shopping for resore, baked beans, lollies and other necessities. We would search the creeks for yabbies and cook them in the billy. We roughed it and absolutely loved it. But I always longed for a caravan. The idea how to go from amsterdam to volendam a home away from home on wheels was a dream. Thirty years later that dream came true!

Phill Terry standing in front of his dream come true. The van had enjoyed time in Kiama on family holidays and even acted as a temporary home for Neville Way and eldest son Gary when the family prepared to move from Wollongong to Lithgow in the early s.

Rod also used it as his bedroom when he moved to Lithgow to start his career as a cadet journalist at the Lithgow Mercury. In subsequent years it was left empty and pretty resgore abandoned.

Gardens and high colour-bond fences went vintabe around it. The old girl was trapped. When I first sighted her she was a bit of a wreck, but inside wiping back layers of coal dust and dirt revealed glossy laminates and that distinctive s feel.

All but one window was broken and the hatches had leaked so the roof was a mess. The Way boys were planning a demolition vinntage to cut her in pieces and take her to the tip. As soon as Restoee saw her I had other ideas. Dolce was happy to give us the Viscount, but getting the van out was the challenge. Also, have you ever seen a Viscount on a crane?! Fortunately there was a very helpful local crane hire company just a few doors down the street.

A week later the Way family and the neighbours gathered to witness the raising of the Viscount. It took four men, a vintate and very long straps. She was successfully lifted from her resting place 60 metres into the air, then over the fences and onto a truck parked in the back lane beside the main western rail line. Soon after, she was on her way back to my place in Katoomba. The plan was to bring her back to her original state, but first we had to clean her up and strip all the rotted ceilings and walls.

The Tto Duralvan vintave a little rare. Searching for parts was not easy as there seemed to be none like it around. She is 18 ft on a single axle, with a separate bedroom. There were loads of cupboards and a chest of drawers big enough for the belongings of a family of six. Resstore vanity fold-out mirror and light had to be removed because of the rotted particle board caravann ledge. The chest of drawers also had to be taken out because of the water-damaged wall behind it.

However I kept the drawers and salvaged as much of the trimming as I could. As with many vans her age, the two ceiling hatches had leaked. To get her original again was almost impossible because of the damage. We tried to stay as true carzvan form as possible but we also wanted to modernise her in small ways like extending the bed width which was more like a large single bed.

It is hoa a double complete with a luxury mattress! The ceilings were hos removed and by the time we took the chest of drawers apart, vintge of the walls were also replaced. This gave us the opportunity to fully insulate the van. Inside doing the initial renovations felt like being in a big tin can in the sun, even in Katoomba.

Insulating the ceilings and walls has made a huge difference. I spent a lot destore time searching aa original materials such as laminate which proved very hard to get. A bargain, but the only problem was getting it from Victoria. The upholstery was mostly in good condition although the fabric needed replacing.

We also took the original blinds to a blind maker and tried to match the material. The colours these days are so bland cravan boring compared to the s. The van needed brightening up though so we stayed as close to the original colours. All the mid and dark tones of laminate used on the original gave the van a dark feel, but once the new blinds were installed it lit up.

The original blind poles were used as the repairer mentioned they are excellent quality how to write an essay bibliography Swiss made. The distinctive curved Viscount Perspex windows at the rear of the van were damaged and had to be replaced. The two front ones were in good order. The Viscounts were the first to have the gintage aluminium painted white. Our paint work was in fair if i lost my title what can i do, despite having lived through some heavy Lithgow hailstorms, still what is short word form decided on a complete re-spray while keeping colours as close as possible to the original.

The chassis was in good order with just surface rust. She was saved by being in Lithgow, a long way from the sea. The coupling had to be replaced and the old jockey wheel had seized so we cqravan the local welder to do his thing.

The hail had broken or cracked every window except for one which we ended up cracking during repairs, so they were all too with new sturdier auto glass.

The entire restoration took about 12 months with some great help from interested tradespeople in Katoomba. Be sure to say hi if you see us on the road or at a caravan park somewhere in OZ. Just wondering what insulation you used for this van and how did you actually go about putting it in? Pay someone.

God help us. Your post is totally offensive. People ask questions here to seek helpful advice, not mysoginistic condescending insults. Sorry buddy haha. You should be ashamed! I insulated exactly as I did my Mercedes camper I converted….

Hi phill…. What size did you use??? And where did you purchase your brakes?? Your van looks fantastic. Me too! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Order the perfect gift here. ROAM Login.

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Dec 11,  · Doing up a vintage or retro caravan is a bit like doing up a vintage car. Not only is it addictive, but you are also faced with a number of very similar decisions to make. Can you restore it back to original or are you better to put your own spin on it like the hot-rod boys? What of the existing layout still works or is worth saving? Is it a gut job? Excerpt from Vintage and Retro Caravans. Jan 10,  · New caravans are typically heavy, big and, above all, expensive. If you like retro charm, simple design, relatively low towing weight and above all, an affordable purchase price, buying and restoring an old caravan looks like a great option. May 06,  · The idea for time to Roam came from the two-year restoration of a classic Viscount that had been in the editor’s family since Back in when I was just four, my Dad’s work with the RAAF took us on a four year adventure from our home in the Blue Mountains to France. While [ ].

Caravans are a great way to discover a country. During peak seasons, they provide you with acommodation for a reasonable price and give you more freedom. They also save you from sharing communal showers and if you like to travel in style, there is no lack of luxury caravans on offer.

Rather than going for the latest models with all the mod cons, some people choose to restore old caravans to get something a bit more unusual.

Like with car restoration, it is important to plan what you will need to do beforehand to control costs and assess whether you are sufficiently knowledgeable to fix your caravan yourself.

Kitchens mean heavy appliances whose weight affect the overall balance of caravans and determined the position of their axle when they are first built. Moving it significantly would have an impact on its noseweight so your new kitchen must more or less stay in the same location as the old one.

If you are installing appliances that require a gas connection, call a professional to do it, regardless of how competent a DIYer you are. Incorrectly fitted, a gas connection can be incredibily dangerous. As we have seen previously, before you buy a caravan , you need to check which weight your car can tow or you might end up with a caravan sitting in your garden and going no where!

Likewise, once you have removed all the unwanted features and appliances in your caravan, you need to have it weighed against the maximum load it can carry so that you know how much weight you can play with when you restore it. Skipping this step could have dire consequences as you are risking damaging the infrastructure of the vehicle by overloading it.

Once you know the weight, you need to find out how much everything you are planning to put in will weigh to ensure you are within the specifications of the caravan. You would be surprise to find out how much plates, sheets, duvets, etc… add up to. Leaks are a common problems in older caravans, most often caused when the screws holding the trim strips around windows deteriorate — in the past, steel rather than stainless steel screws were used, making them vulnerable to rust.

To ensure watertightness, you will need to use mastic around each screw. Unfortunately, the summer heat will dry the mastic and cause it to crack.

It is then best to drill new holes and use stainless-steel screws before applying new mastic or humidity will seep through, the structural timber of the caravan will start to rot and the interior walls will develop mould. It is likely that your caravan will need many parts replaced. You will need to talk to suppliers specialised in spare parts for caravans. If not, it will still be useful to benefit from their knowledge.

Sooner or later, you will have to tackle gas, electricity and plumbing jobs. Experienced owners may feel competent enough to take care of the electricall installation. You must, however, obtain a warrant of electrical fitness WoEF which can be issued by an electrical inspector or the electrician you hire. The warrant is valid for four years. By law, caravans now have to provide a certain level of self-sufficiency when it comes to waste and fresh water supply and must have a certificate to prove it.

It is crucial to take this into account early on as it will impact the overall weight of the caravan. Smoke alarms, gas leak detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets are widely available, inexpensive and you can even buy them in your local supermarket when you go grocery shopping next weekend so why would you want to take any risks and not install them in your caravan? As they say, they can save your life!

We are highly experienced with transporting vehicles internationally and we treat them all as if they were our own. Preparing Your Caravan or Motorhome for Hibernation Posted on 15th April Caravans and motorhomes will bring you joy for years but it is very important that you look after them or their life expectancy could be seriously affected.

So gather sponges and detergents and, if you hate cleaning, think about all the wonderful days you have had in your summer residence and all those still to come. Read more. Luxury caravans are like 5-star hotels nowadays. Discover the best ones. Your Guide to Buying a Caravan Posted on 14th June Caravans are a great solution if you want to travel in comfort and have the freedom to stop whenever you want. Read our buying guide.

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