How to see gallery in bluestacks

how to see gallery in bluestacks

[How-To] Transfer Files from BlueStacks to PC or Vice Versa [Full Guide]

Aug 05,  · First download ES file explorer in bluestacks. Then open it and go through your images folder and you can see all your photos, picture and videos. Now, copy the images or any other media, then move. Step 4: The main interface of ES File Explorer appears, click on the folder named DCIM on the screen. Continue to click on Camera. Step 5: Here, all photos taken by you through the camera on BlueStacks are available. Want to copy any image to your computer, just click on the image, the Select window appears, select Next to View Picture.

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I am using BlueStacks app player with a rooted Android system installed. I use it for WhatsApp and Kik messengers. I like to how to use the ipod touch pictures to my contacts how to start a church media ministry the shared folder is not visible in pictures, so I downloaded QuickPic which works Awesome!

I cannot uninstall "gallery" from the apps. Gallery app is limited and unusable for me, I like to browse the directories myself on the SDcard. I also have a terminal available if that's of any help Android Terminal Emulator. How can I permanently replace the gallery with QuickPic?

I cannot choose my own wallpapers because Gallery is launched instead of QuickPic. Most apps, when they want to choose an image, use an implicit intentwhich just says what they want to do, and doesn't specifically name the Gallery app.

This means that any app that can perform that action can be started, and if you have more than one, you get the chooser to choose which to launch.

This is the normal behaviour. You won't get a chooser if you've previously clicked Always in the chooser to set one app as the default, or if the calling app uses an explicit intent, naming the Gallery app specifically. It's best to check the first case. In the device settings, go to the list of all apps, and find the Gallery.

Click it to go into that app's info page, then click Clear defaults. If Clear defaults is greyed out, then it's not set as the default for anything. If you still don't get a chooser, then it's the second case: the calling app is specifically asking for the Gallery, not just for any app that can choose an image.

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Apr 03,  · Video showing how to solve the empty gallery problem in bluestacks app used ES File Explorer (Free)Comment, Rate and Subscribe!! Jul 10,  · 4. Now, click on Import From Windows as shown below. This feature lets you import files from your PC to BlueStacks. 5. It will open a Windows Explorer pop-up, from where you can navigate to the file you want to import to BlueStacks. 6. Once you have found the file you want to import, select it and click Open. 7. Here's the deal: i can log on TFT, i can chill on menu, i can play, i can buy champs, i can surrend, i can move my mascotte, but i cant see a freaking champ XD I dont know how managed to see 2 champs in a single fight and then they were gone, for sure is something on the settings side i think, but idk what.

Bluestacks is an amazing emulator for running Android applications on your computer. To do this, just download and install the bluestack on your computer and install the application you want to run, but the problem is that it is not difficult to access the contents of the hard drive in bluestacks, such as music, videos and photos.

Here, we will show you a good method for accessing your hard drive in bluestacks. Media Manager is an Android application available on BlueStacks 3. You will enjoy direct and easy access to media files of various formats — photos, videos, audio, used by any BlueStacks application.

You can also import media files from Windows to BlueStacks and vice versa. Make it easy to share media between applications by importing Windows media files into BlueStacks and vice versa. After starting the application, you will see a screen similar to the one below. We will cover each section one by one and explain its use. The BlueStacks Gallery behaves like the Android Gallery and can be opened in any application that accesses the gallery.

It also contains all media files downloaded in any application or file imported from Windows. You can press the icon of any file available here to a select it to send it to any application or b export to Windows. Below is an example of a gif that was selected and uploaded to facebook. You can also delete files using the delete button. You can also select multiple files at once. The application media contains folders for different applications and the data downloaded in those applications.

Below is an example of an image downloaded from the Facebook application. These files can now be used in any other application on BlueStacks. We really appreciate your choice of BlueStacks.

We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at bluestacks dot com support. Thank you very much. Source: Bluestacks. Home » How to access hard disk in bluestacks. How To. Burton October 12, Save Saved Removed 0. The Techgadgetguides is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Related Articles.

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