How to take pictures of dogs

how to take pictures of dogs

6 Tips on How to Take Great Photos of a Dog

Apr 27,  · We've all seen adorable photos of dogs in magazines, and those super cute pics that our friends post of their pups on social media. Read the full written ins Author: Top Dog Tips. Here are my top 10 tips for taking photos of black dogs: 1. Avoid using flash. Although it may be tempting with a dark toned pooch, this can often create the scary green eye effect, which doesn’t do any pooch justice. 2. Find a source of soft, even light.

Every photo of your dog is an amazing work of art. There are plenty of camera bodies and lenses out there to choose from when selecting equipment. There is a difference between mirrorless and DSLR cameras, which you can read in detail at this fantastic post on photographylife.

I chose to go doggs mirrorless because the cameras are much more campact and have almost as much power as the DSLR cameras. Takw use Adobe Photoshop Tl to process and edit all of my photos, and will use that program to show you some editing techniques in this list.

Even if a photo is taken in perfect conditions with fantastic lighting, I always like to work on them and polish the shots that Picrures get. My knowledge on Photoshop is completely self-taught. The more you play around with the program the more you can learn!

Call his or her name, make sounds they respond to, and talk to them to get them to look at the camera if that is what you want. You can also use treats! Dogs will almost always look right at the treat. If you have an assistant, even better! You can change up what the background will look like easily. A piece of colorful cloth from the local craft store or even your bed sheet will pjctures perfectly. Painted or unpainted walls also serve as great backdrops picfures can be easily edited.

An easy way to get them to give you how to find the moisture content of soil big grin is to take them for a quick run pictires tug on howw toy with them. Have them chase you around your living room or have a quick 5-minute play session. An active dog is a happy dog and will likely flash you a huge smile after settling down.

Take photos from above, below, in front, behind! Use your creativity to what motherboard is in a dell xps 8500 different photos that highlight your favorite parts of your dog from all different points of view.

We all know our dogs like to move around, which is a challenge when trying to catch the best yo. A faster shutter speed will help, but with a faster speed there will be less light caught by the lens.

Dlgs are some of the most common editing techniques I use on my photos. More often than not, picturrs is not sufficient or natural lighting to take a beautiful raw photo.

Below is xogs photo of Champ the Australian Shepherd without editing, and a photo after. Especially in the winter, photos can be washed out or the white balance can be off. Use this to balance out the light and dark areas of your photos, giving it a more natural look as if you were physically there!

This will also make the lighting look more natural and appealing to the eye. Especially for pet photography, increasing saturation can be a great way to combat the dull photos in the winter snow. I increase my photo saturation anywhere from more depending on what looks the most natural.

Remember to use your best judgment and reflect your dog in the best light. Sharpening the photo can enhance the fur on any pet photo and make it look more crisp. Small things like this really matter and make a shot much more appealing. This little trick gives live subjects a little more soul and character! We might just grab your photo and feature it in a post! All photos courtesy of the author, Emily Wang. Featured image via emwng. Want more poop like this? Sign up for our BarkPost newsletter!

Poochas gracias! You are now pupscribed. Emily Wang Writer. Equipment is important! Pictires softwares can do different things in terms of editing. Get your dog to smile! Change your camera perspective. Shutter speed is important! Post-processing of photos can make a huge difference. Change the levels of the photo to be more natural.

Use curves to enhance the brightness or contrast in your photos. Featured image via emwng Comments. Want to read more hos Sign Me Up. Search for:. Facebook Pinterest Tumblr Twitter Instagram. BarkPost Newsletter Poochas gracias!

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W e've all seen adorable photos of dogs in magazines, and those super cute pics that our friends post of their pups on social media. How do they do it? It may seem impossible, but with a few quick tips, you can take great photos of your dog too! Most dog's don't sit still.

Sometimes it's difficult to get them to look at the camera. Have you ever tried to take a picture of your dog and he ends up looking like the most depressed dog on the planet? And, let's not forget those times when you don't remember to shut off the flash and your Fido ends up looking like an alien with laser beam eyes. I've learned a few tricks over my years of being a dog owner that have helped me take better pictures of my pets. I used to dread family photos with our dogs, but now it's a simple and painless process.

In fact, I have so many great pictures of our pack that I am constantly rotating the ones that I display in our home. Whether you're using a smartphone, point-and-shoot camera or a professional camera, you need to familiarize yourself with all of its features. Learn how to turn the flash on and off, how to work the zoom and how to snap the photo when you're ready.

If you're using a professional camera, learn about the lenses that come with it and what each lens can do. Read through the manual and figure out which features you'll need to know how to use.

Lighting is the most difficult part of taking professional looking photos. There's a lot to learn about the angels and different types of light. Yes, that's right. There are different types of lighting. Soft, natural lighting is the easiest to shoot in. Sunlight is your friend! If you have no desire to be a professional photographer, stick with natural lighting.

Take photos outside or in an open room indoors with lots of windows. You want to be in the light of the sun, but not direct sunlight.

If the sun is pointing directly at the camera there will be a glare. Try to shoot your photos in an area outdoors that is not right in front of the sun or shoot at a different angle so the camera doesn't pick up the glare. Your dog probably won't look at the camera naturally. Even if you're calling his name, he's not going to want to stare at your camera while you line up the perfect shot.

He'll probably get bored quickly after he hears you say his name a few times, and if you're outside there is likely to be a few distractions around.

That's why you need a motivator. What motivates your Fido? A toy? A treat? Whatever he likes, use it to your advantage. As I demonstrate in my video guide at the top of this page, use the motivator to attract your pet's attention to camera. Hold the toy or treat right behind your camera when you're ready to snap the photo. Your pup will be staring at his reward, but the phot you'll capture will look like he's staring right at you.

How often do you a see a super cute picture of a dog just standing all by himself? The best dog photos use props to set the tone. Look at the photo on the left. The man has used a pair of glasses and a book to take an adorable picture of his pooch. You can do the same thing, and you don't have to spend any money to do it. Does your dog have a few articles of clothing? What do you have around your home that could spice up the picture you're taking.

As I mention in my video review, it's spring where I live in Maine. That means there is mud everywhere! I could easily take a super cute photoshoot with my dogs in the mud. Our Labrador already has a yellow raincoat, and I could add a few rubber ducks or an umbrella to the picture to make it even more adorable. Think outside the box and get creative. Hats, scarves, clothing, glasses and many other everyday objects can be used to make your puppy pictures really stand out. If you have an older, mellow dog you could turn her into a librarian with a stack of books.

A hyperactive puppy would look adorable rolling around in a pile of fake flowers. Use your imagination or do a quick Google search for inspiration.

You don't have to take traditional straight-on photos of your pet. Try out some different angels to get some really cool photos.

Getting down on the ground, like the man in the photo above, may spur your curious pooch to come over and investigate the camera. You may end up with a photo of Fido sniffing the lens. Climb up on a chair and take a picture of your pet from above. Shoot him from the sides. Again, this is where your creativity could really create some amazing shots. You just have to be willing to move around and try a few angels that you never thought of before.

You don't have to take pictures of your dog's entire body either. Try taking up close photos of his paws or nose. You may want to snap a pic of his cute little tail. These pictures may not be the traditional pose that you were thinking of, but they may actually end up being some of your favorites! Hoping for a picture of your dog at rest?

Then you better be sure to wear him out before your photo shoot. Hoping to capture your dog's excited face? You're going to have to work for it. When a dog pants, his lips naturally curl up in a smile. Get your dog excited if you're going for this look. Throw his ball a few times or go for a quick run.

You don't want to completely wear him out, but get him excited enough to start panting. Now, you'll be able to take the picture you want of your pooches happy, smiling face. Top Dog Tips. Home Science. History of Dogs Through Science. Recipe: Tasty Watermelon Dog Treats. Recipe: Homemade Donuts for Dogs. Recipe: Carob Cookies for Dogs. Natural Deworming for Dogs. Top 7 Wrinkly Dog Breeds.

Statistics on Dog Bites 19 Breeds Compared. We've all been there, don't worry. Get used to your camera Whether you're using a smartphone, point-and-shoot camera or a professional camera, you need to familiarize yourself with all of its features.

Use natural lighting as much as possible Lighting is the most difficult part of taking professional looking photos. Use a motivator Your dog probably won't look at the camera naturally. Use props or clothing How often do you a see a super cute picture of a dog just standing all by himself? Try some different angels You don't have to take traditional straight-on photos of your pet. If you want emotions, you're going to have to work for them Hoping for a picture of your dog at rest?

Natural Remedies for Pink Eye in Dogs. Katherine McKay - Apr 17, Uh-oh, you've come home to see a stain left on the carpet. Unfortunately this is a common problem for pet parents. If you have a Kelly Pebworth - Apr 16, Deworming our dogs is essential if we avoid getting affected by fleas or ticks running through the little buddy's body. Although many collars and chemicals More natural treatments are becoming recognized by the scientific community for their health benefits.

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