How to write a press kit

how to write a press kit

How to Create a Professional Press Kit in 8 Easy Steps

Apr 20,  · Simply create an easily accessible press kit page on your website so reporters can find it. You might not want to put a link to it in your main navigation, but it’s a good idea to include a “Press”, “Press Kit” or “Media Kit” link in the footer of your website. Most reporters and publishers will know to look for it Corey Ferreira. Brand your media kits with your logo & color palette. Make sure that your media kit is properly branded by adding your company logo and color palette. To include your logo, simply upload a JPEG, PNG or SVG version from your computer and into Canva. Drag and drop it into your workspace and resize or move it around as needed.

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You offer something similar — but, of course, much better. Then, suddenly, your competitor's product is everywhere. News articles, online reviews, best-of lists, buyers' guides, even TV segments. To compete bow your competitors, there's kot thing you'll need in your wheelhouse: a media kit. Here, we'll explore what a media kit is, and how it can help you increase brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

A media kit is also known as a press kit. It's a set of promotional materials to provide information to members of the news media to help them write articles.

Media kits may live fully-online as responsive online press pages. Or, businesses may choose to make their press kits available as static, downloadable resources, like a presentation deck. Whatever format you choose, this much is clear: kitt of all sizes benefit from having a professional, readily-accessible media kit.

This vital resource is a key to the earned media coverage all businesses covet — kot massive Fortune corporations all the way down to individual influencers and solopreneurs. A comprehensive media kit should include a description of the company or individual, contact information, social media statistics, case studies, information on partnerships and collaborations, and testimonials from ho customers.

Basically, it's all the information a journalist would need to feature your brand in a breaking news story — without the headache of a last-minute information request. So, prews want press coverage and partnerships what brand doesn't? And you understand how a media kit helps make this all possible. But how do you make a media kit?

Here's some good news: most of the content and creative assets you need to create your press kit likely already exist. Key elements of a media kit include a bio or About Us page, social media statistics, case studies, partnerships and collaborations, and testimonials. It's up to you to 1 find this information, 2 make it look spectacular, and 3 make it painfully easy to find on your site.

The rumors you've heard about journalists what does paisas mean in english how overworked they are? Entirely true. To catch the attention of someone on tight deadlines with an internet full of story prospects, you're going to want to make this simple. Most brands choose ikt direct page name like "Press" or "Media" —— or, if they're really fancy, "Newsroom" —— and make it accessible directly from their homepage often in the Footer.

Even if you prioritize a web version, having a downloadable media kit or deck is worth the time investment. Some media users might prefer the traditional form of this resource, and it gives you the best opportunity to control your pitch and tailor content to all audiences.

Let's start with the star of your media kit: you. Here's where you introduce your name, your logo, your mission. Make sure your media kit design reinforces your overall brand identity, utilizing the how much to have crown molding installed, fonts, and other visual hallmarks set out in your branding guide. Evernote goes all-out in this section, housing their press kit information within the broader "About Us" portion of their website.

All the essentials for journalists and partners are there too, but the organization's values take center stage. For social stats, you'll need to conduct a wrrite media audit or collect this data from whoever manages your social channels.

Remember your audience for the press kit: media and PR professionals. Your media kit needs to effectively pitch your brand to people who specialize in getting people's now. So show them you're capable of sparking conversation — and show them there's already an audience eager for stories about you and your work. Kickstarter puts a unique stamp on this section of their media kit page, highlighting a few top metrics that show massive engagement with their service.

Media kits aimed at partnerships and collaborations should prioritize engagement rates and similar actionable metrics alongside the bread-and-butter statistics like follower counts.

Savvy marketers want to partner with brands and influencers that move people to action. This section is your chance to let past partnerships and brand collaborations speak for themselves. Let the old adage " show; don't tell " be your guide here. Featuring the right partnerships —— either via logos or through short case studies —— is a subtle but powerful tool for positioning your brand.

International football influencers The F2 highlight past campaigns, putting reputable brand names and logos front-and-center. They also note key engagement statistics for these campaigns. Testimonials are another great way to show media professionals the impact and effectiveness of your brand or product. Keep this section succinct: just a single testimonial should suffice.

Only a few lines of text even just a single short quote and a single related image gets the point across, lending your pitch greater credibility thanks to social validation.

Your media kit isn't a style guide, but it should pull in the most essential elements of your visual brand. Want your logo and that slick product screenshot to display correctly? Provide exactly the images and files you want featured. Have a killer data visualization, infographic, or product video? Include that, too. Journalists will especially appreciate portraits of your management team. They're most likely to cover stories involving people, so show them the people they'll want to write about.

Birchbox makes this easy. They highlight "Press Materials" and link to a short but comprehensive set of resources. Having everything in well-organized cloud folders is a nice touch —— especially for those browsing on mobile.

Without downloading or unzipping a large batch of hod, visitors can quickly confirm you have visual assets to ptess their publication look good. Remember, the audience for your media kit is especially busy and juggling lots of competing priorities. Jump to the top of their "potential posts" pile by making their job as easy and painless as possible.

Added bonus: your external media resources are easily updated —— sparing you anxiety about outdated media kits and image files misrepresenting your brand. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Instagram also really preds it in this portion of their press resources.

They even provide branded, editable templates for broadcast media use, making it easy for publishers to adhere to their iconic visual brand. Now you know the what and the how of creating a media kit to garner beneficial coverage for your brand. Click here to download our free media kit template and get started. And go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back when that Features story comes out. You won't see your name on the byline, but we both know who the real hero is here.

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How is this happening? And your real question: why isn't it happening to you? Plus, how to make one for your own brand. What is a media kit? Topics: Media Planning. Don't forget to share this post!

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Feb 10,  · A media kit is also known as a press kit. It's a set of promotional materials to provide information to members of the news media to help them write articles. Media kits may live fully-online as responsive online press pages. Jul 21,  · Mentioning in your introduction your experience in the genre your blog is focused on (cosmetology experience if you’re a makeup blog) translates experience and know-how on the subjects you are writing about. General Stats. This is the meat of your media kit. The statistics of your website is what will bring in the serious talks about partnerships. Launch PowerPoint. Set up the design for your press kit. Go to the Design tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and select one of the ready templates, or choose your own brand colors and .

Having a professional press kit is no less important than having a well-designed website. To make a really effective one-stop press kit, use the following step-by-step guide with expert tips: it demonstrates how to make a digital press kit all the way from A to Z.

Many people think that to make a first-class digital press kit, you either need to be a designer or hire one. The truth is, no special knowledge is required for that. You can create press kits from top to bottom in the all-familiar PowerPoint. This easy-to-use, yet comprehensive software allows you to compound information beautifully, and publish the result in a shareable and printable PDF format. To go beyond and deliver your press kit online, use iSpring Converter Pro , which is built as a PowerPoint add-in.

It will convert your press kit and other presentations to HTML5, Flash, MP4 video and other formats, while preserving the original animation and transition effects with the highest accuracy. The following guide will take you all the way through the creative authoring process: from deciding what information to include in your press kit to sharing it online.

It stands to reason that before creating a press kit, you need to figure out its basic components and gather all the information needed. Creative people like artists, musicians, filmmakers and bloggers who make personal electronic press kits should include their biography and main achievements.

Keep it to the point. Cover the recent news and events relevant to your company to give journalists an understanding of the important milestones your company has reached. After all, you want them to know about your new award, right?

Include the full articles if you wish to make a printable press kit, but remember to get the rights for the reprint first. If you distribute your press kit at a conference, expo or other event, tailor press releases to its theme. Upload all the multimedia files in a. Other possible parts are: FAQ, fact sheet, clients and awards.

On the introduction slide, type in a title and the name of your company. Insert a logo image. To make your press kit even more interactive, add live navigable web pages to it. To do that, click the Web Object button on the PowerPoint ribbon. Now insert the name of the website you wish to add. Note that you can also indicate a local path or an embed code for a certain web object. Of course, inserting screenshots of the web pages is also an option.

However, static images need to be constantly renewed, while with live web pages, you can be sure the content of your press kit is always up-to-date. Break up long sections of text with various images, engaging videos, charts and graphs. To do that, create a. If you plan to share your presentation online, you can use some animation effects. Click the Transitions tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. Choose one of the many visual and sound effects.

To energize certain elements of your press kit, such as text, images and video, go to the Animations tab and select from the list of available animations. However, go easy on these options, since the main aim of your press kit is to provide journalists with all the necessary information, not effects. If you plan to save as PDF only, do not use any animation effects. They will not be preserved in the final output.

This step will take you a minute. Click the File tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. Choose Save As , then indicate the hosting folder. Choose PDF from the list of available formats in the Save as type field. Then click the Publish button situated on the left. Its layout and color scheme is fully customizable and you can choose one of the ready templates or import your own.

Busy journalists will be able to easily navigate through the document and quickly find any particular information. The truth is, creating a beautiful and detailed press kit is only half the battle.

To share your press kit and other content, try iSpring Cloud. This platform goes even beyond simple sharing, as it allows users to track their materials. Reports on who viewed the shared content, the number of slides viewed, and many other details are available under the Business Plan. Create an iSpring Cloud account for free. Click the Publish button once again, and select iSpring Cloud on the left-hand menu.

To enter your account details, click Change as shown in the picture below. Use the generated link to share it via email or social media.

Busy journalists go through tons of press kits every day. Make sure yours will stand out of the crowd, as this is the key to getting media exposure. Use PowerPoint with iSpring Converter Pro to package your press kit in a unique interactive way, and distribute your press kits effectively via iSpring Cloud — the sharing and hosting platform with advanced tracking reports. If you liked the article, please let us know by clicking the Share button.

Convert presentations to HTML5 with all effects and transitions preserved. Stay tuned to get our latest eLearning tips and tricks! All emails include an unsubscribe link, so that you can opt-out at any time. Products iSpring Suite. About Us. Language English. EN English. Log in. Learning management system. Course selling platform. Search for:. What tools to use Many people think that to make a first-class digital press kit, you either need to be a designer or hire one.

Download iSpring Converter Pro 5 basic steps to make a digital press kit The following guide will take you all the way through the creative authoring process: from deciding what information to include in your press kit to sharing it online.

Decide on the ingredients It stands to reason that before creating a press kit, you need to figure out its basic components and gather all the information needed.

Overview and biography. First and foremost, tell the journalist your brand story. Keep in mind that the person who will be reading it may have never heard about your company before. Demonstrate what your business is about, what differentiates it from the competition, what products and services it offers, and how it all started and became what it is now. If you wish, you can include a biography of the CEO, chairman and founders. Share the article:. Subscribe to our blog Stay tuned to get our latest eLearning tips and tricks!


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