What does estimated expected family contribution efc 00000 mean

what does estimated expected family contribution efc 00000 mean

What is Financial Aid EFC Score 00000? What is a Good EFC Number?

Oct 20, If your income is below $49,, your family qualifies for a simplified needs test. This means both the parents and students assets are not counted in the EFC calculation, and may lead to a EFC result. A student will also have a 0 EFC if they are considered independent from their parents. Financial Need Expected Family Contribution Number Enrollment Status Cost of Attendance (If this is lower than $6, ( academic year, then you will not receive the full amount even though your EFC would qualify because the grant is only eligible up to the total cost of attendance until the maximum is reached).

You may have been told that an EFC score of entitles you to free college. But, as explained below, it may help get you financial aid. It also means you are highly eligible for need-based aid from the school you plan on attending and from the government such as Pell Grants and Subsidized loans. Your EFC is the amount of money that institutions expect you to be able what does estimated expected family contribution efc 00000 mean contribute to the cost of college.

Also, Your EFC score also helps determine how much you will receive in government assistance. Again, how to see motherboard model in windows xp removes assets meann the calculation which can lead to a 0 EFC score.

Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, a 0 EFC score does not automatically mean expdcted college how to create a volcano for school project be free.

However, it does mean that you are eligible to receive higher amounts of need-based aid. Many colleges will provide a need-based aid package that consists of both grants money and student loans See below. Pell Grants are grants that are awarded to students based on the need of that student. Pell Grants are awarded each year. Also, if your financial situation improves from year to year and you no expectrd have an EFC of then you may no longer be eligible. There are two kinds of direct loans that you can receive from the government: subsidized and unsubsidized.

Regardless of EFC number, Every student regardless qualifies for unsubsidized loans, but not subsidized. The kean is that the government pays accruing interest while the student is in school for subsidized Stafford Loans.

For students that take out unsubsidized government loans, interest will accrue without any assistance. Stafford Loans are loans that do not have to be taken by the student but can be a better option than private loans. Work-Study is another aid program that dows available to students with an EFC score of It works as it sounds. It often pays minimum wage, but the program tries to align the work you are doing with your course of study.

As mentioned above, just because you get an EFC score of does not mean a school with cover your full cost of tuition. In closing, there are many scenarios that can lead to EFC ofbut what really matters is the net price you pay for school. Analyze all the different aid packages to see which aid package brings your cost of attendance down to the lowest.

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How Your EFC Affects Federal Aid

Aug 02, An EFC of means that your expected family contribution to college is $ It also means you are highly eligible for need-based aid from the school you plan on attending and from the government such as Pell Grants and Subsidized loans. datingescortusa.com Jan 20, EFC or Expected Family Contribution is the amount of money that a college estimates that your family can afford. This is calculated as part of your financial aid application process through the FAFSA, CSS Profile, or other financial aid forms. Recommended: FAFSA Guide for students. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a number that determines students eligibility for certain types of federal student aid. This number is calculated with the EFC formulas, which use.

The FAFSA takes many factors into account, including your income and your family's income, family size, and how many siblings you have in college. The EFC is determined by a formula designed by Congress, and is an estimate of how much you and your family are able to contribute toward your education expenses, based on information from the FAFSA.

It is the maximum expected contribution, not necessarily what you actually must or will pay. Your EFC amount is subtracted from your cost of attendance, which includes tuition, room and board, and other necessary expenses. Any costs not covered by your EFC may increase your eligibility for need-based aid. Depending on the ratio between your school's cost of attendance and your EFC, you may be eligible for federal need-based aid.

Federal Pell Grants, which you do not pay back, and subsidized student loans are common types of need-based federal aid. Your EFC is also commonly used by state or local student aid programs, or colleges themselves, to determine eligibility for need-based aid they offer.

If your EFC is high, you may not qualify for need-based aid, but you still could receive other forms of loans, like unsubsidized loans. Colleges may also grant athletic or academic scholarships that are based on your skills and accomplishments. These types of merit-based aid do not typically take your EFC or financial need into account.

While many people think they make too much money for aid, it's still important to complete the FAFSA. Many families with higher incomes may qualify for some form of financial assistance. The EFC can change drastically from year to year. For example, if your family experiences financial hardship, such as a job loss, or if a sibling enters college while you're in school, your EFC may go down. If your family's financial situation improves, your EFC may go up, too.

Your EFC is based on financial information in the tax return from two years prior to the start of the school year for which you're requesting aid. Many people may think that they can change their EFC and get more need-based aid by leaving out a few extra points on the FAFSA or omitting information.

One way to potentially lower your EFC is to be declared an independent student , though this requires meeting certain criteria. This process is called a professional judgment, and is typically reserved for unusual circumstances with proper documentation.

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