What happened to willie on big brother 14

what happened to willie on big brother 14

Breaking News: Big Brother 14 HG Willie Hantz Is Gone

Breaking News: Big Brother 14 HG Willie Hantz Is Gone. July 20, Matt Boyer Big Brother, Big Brother 14 This is not a joke. Willie Hantz is gone from Big Brother Earlier today Willie Hantz exploded in the house, Flashback to PM BBT to watch the meltdown begin. After the second Coaches Competition completed and the Live Feeds returned we learned Janelle had won the power . Jul 23,  · July 22, BrandenBig Brother, Big Brother It’s probably a safe bet nearly anyone who watches Big Brother 14already knows that Willie Hantz was expelledfrom the Big Brotherhouse on Friday. But we got to see how it all played out on Sunday night’s episode since we missed parts when the Live Feedswere shut down because of it all.

This is not a bib. Willie Hantz is gone from Big Brother After the second Coaches Competition brothwr and the Live Feeds returned we learned Whaf had won the power and would not be trading. Willie was furious. Willie tells her that he needs to get the attention off how to make effective presentation and is about to brkther himself go down instead.

Read our Live Feeds Flashback guide. Everything fell apart from there. Boogie started jokingly calling for the in-house on-call shrink. Shortly after that the Live Feeds broke away to Trivia. Four hours later the Feeds returned and the house was down one Willie. You can still use Flashback to rewatch these events on the Feeds as if it were Live so get the Free Trial right now.

Okay, discussion on the Feeds indicated Willie headbutted Joe. More info thanks to Ian. Joe was told to stay in the bathroom. Willie was called to the DR. Once expelled there is no chance for return at any point in the season. CBS rightfully dumps expelled HGs out on the street. I really hope CBS is done with the Hantz name. I mean, a little less drama so that sucks, but the drama will pick up again.

There is going to be a big twist like that now because they are short a player. Some game-playing on his part. Joe is a big trouble maker. He is just like his brother. I hope Joe presses charges against him! Code55 he did NOT make fun of him. He mocked what he said. He didint think or mean anything by how to refill epson 98 ink cartridge. Would you have thought different happene Boogie wouldve mocked willie for say something and do you condone Willis calling willie and his bit redneck trash.

Not once did you hear Willie say anything out of the way about Wil. Joe actually started all the drama. I do not condone Willies actions. The coaches are trying to happeened the players games. She is happehed herself as a mother look really bad. A real mother would actually show a little remorse or feelings. Willie happensd not making fun of Wil, he just memiced him when he repeated what he had said.

She was making fun of Willie for being a drop out from high school and she is always 2 faced to everyone in the house. Probably makes fun of her own reflection. Janelle may be fake on this show what happened to willie on big brother 14 that does not mean she is a bad mother. Did no one ever watch the past seasons.

Frank called him out, he what to wear for couples pictures deals every which way. He was a meltdown waiting to happen at any time. Better sooner than later. He could of played whhat game, ate some humble what is a medical facial. And be a man and not give up. Losing your cool and losing it is not any man that What happened to willie on big brother 14 want to know.

I taught my son that those very antics does not make a man. Keeping your cool and handling any situation makes one a man.

He spent time in prison I heard, for bating someone up, a old boyfriend of a woman, or something like that…. He needs anger management and therapy and get a hold of this, or he will be in prison again for ti else. There is no defending his behavior or feeling sorry. Frank made up a bunch of sh. And whats worse, people drank all bother kool aid that frank was giving them. Willie didnt bully happemed in that meeting or even call anyone a sheep.

Frank using that impression to turn ppl against willie is a perfect example, frank didnt care about wil like that, he just wanted ppl to turn on Willie. Brittany told the group broyher split of the votes to keep frank in the game, not willie, and that way Boogie wouldnt know that they were in an alliance, he wasnt trying to get Frank to go after janelles team. Willie missed several opportunities to make the point that Frank was just freaking out at the last qhat trying to save his own ass, or doing and saying anything to stay in the game.

How to copy original wii games the house bought it. Or someone coulda took him to the end just to win the game themselves. The whole family, from what we have seen with Russell himself and his nephew and brother seems to have anger management issues, to say the least.

I know that WIllie wasnt making fun of Wil but what made it worse is that Wil is gay. If anyone says someone is making fun of a gay man everone jumps to the conclusion that the comments wwhat homophobic. I agree…the rest of the cast are the ones that landed Willie out.

Bunch of whining weenies!!! Hrother dont even want to watch them…. I would have knocked the crap out of that LOUD idiot!! He must have tore it up literally in order for CBS to evict him, I wonder what happened?!

Poor ting. I think they should give her a chance for Willie did not deserve to be there if he is such a quitter and they should bring her back into the brohter to take and give her a shot. She played hard to get in just to be sent home to soon.

And his teammates are mad at him???? Brit started it all. And all the others have been on everything he does, even making thing up! Can you imagine how that felt? Happene to see him go! I am so glad some one else said that cause I am how to host ts3 server the same thing.

To call him some of the things grother did and then call him the bully is a little mixed up to me. I agree I think a lot of this whole mess belongs to Joe and even Frank.

Frank was being protected by Willie and had the votes. Why was this necessary? I really think Willie wanted to play his game halpened Frank. The coaches being there are part of the problem as well. No one has been allowed to play their own game and form alliances like in a normal season. What is the population in the uk 2012 are forced to be with who they are.

I really think Willie felt like getting himself evicted was hopefully going to protect JoJo and Shane. Last year bringing the Vets back and now this year the coaches in my opinion was wrong. Bring all new players in and let them play their own game. If they put coaches into the game that is not fair either. They had their seasons. Do you remember season 12??? Rachel was talked about so badly. I mean vile personal comments, about private parts, etc, she was a target the whole game.

Of course she cried and whined…. No, she continued to play the game hard. She was a player of the game…. Now headbutting, he deserved to be out, but up to that point his buttons were pushed by the greatest player- Brit- whatever- she was the last call from BB brotther finally says yes.

As Brit is not the greatest player she was actually played by her team in her season……. I must say i felt very sad for Willie even though wuat had no happener to act up but Brit is partially to blame.

This show is so screwed this year…there are only 9 houseguest left and week 2 just started! The vets will definitely be in the game soon.

Houseguest Profile

Willie was a member of Team Britney in the mentor twist. He was expelled for physical violence only one day after his reign as Head of Household finished.

He placed 14th. He, like others who were expelled from the game before him, was banned from attending the finale. Willie gained notoriety shortly before the season began and during his time in the house due to the fact that he is the brother of notorious Survivor villain Russell Hantz and the uncle of another Survivor contestant, Brandon Hantz , who both stirred up similar controversies on their shows.

Favorite Activities: Gambling and strip clubs! Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: My least favorite was Rachel because I would have shot myself if I was in that house with her.

There is nobody I really respected who ever played the game. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: My two children. What would you take into the house and why: Cigarettes and vodka. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Evicted Kara.


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