What is a good amp for an acoustic electric guitar

what is a good amp for an acoustic electric guitar

Acoustic vs Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Which is Best?)

Apr 10,  · These are our two top picks for the best acoustic guitar amps on the market. Marshall AS50D. Marshall is known for producing top of the line music products. Although Marshall mostly focuses on electric guitar gear, they haven't forgotten their old school customers/5(57). All in all, the Marshall AS50D is one of the best acoustic guitar amps available as it offers a lot of value for money. Overall Build: The AS50D is a solid stereo combo amp with a two-channel setup – one for your instrument, and the other for the vocal mic.

Having an acoustic guitar amp specifically for your acoustic-electric guitar will make all the difference. Check Amazon Price. One of the priciest amps on our list, this one is geared for musicians looking for a super powerful and acoustlc acoustic guitar amp that preserves the true original tone of their acoustic even when amplified to really loud volumes. This 2 channel amp and guiyar speaker system projects a warm, balanced, and true acoustic tone, while also giving you plenty of cool effects to play around with.

Finally, the Bluetooth connectivity lets you play a backing track wirelessly and perform alongside. Overall Build: The Loudbox Performer is built for your sound to cut through a packed audience, and it does so pretty well. It has a unique integrated kickstand design that lets giitar tilt it by 50 degrees so that you can project a better sound even at shorter ranges.

It comes with an additional phantom power switch to allow for the extra power needs of a condenser mics. You also have a headphone out for practicing by yourself, and the Bluetooth how to put cheats on nfs carbon makes it quite easy to play your favorite backing track to jam or perform with.

Output and Wattage: At watts, this amp is not only one of the most powerful acoustic amps on this list but also the most potent one by Fishman themselves. This level of elecrric makes it perfect to perform for an intimate gig with a roomful of people, and can also be hooked to a PA system for a bigger audience.

What we were really impressed by was how transparent its tone is even at the loudest volume settings, which is really the true measure of quality for a high-end acoustic amp.

Control and Built-In Effects: Each of the two channels in this amp has independent 3-band EQ controls, and anti-feedback knobs, and a separate midrange control that lets you add more definition to your tone. We also enjoyed its wide range of effects and how they enhance the tone — a tasty reverb, chorus, delay, flanger, and a slap echo.

Weight: My Review: Intelligently designed and sturdily constructed, Acoustic is one good looking amp that has been a wildly popular choice for its sleek style and impressive list of features. The amp has two channels that can be used for the acoustic guitar how to remove blood stains from cotton underwear well as a dynamic mic, each with its independent set of effects and cor.

A wide array of effects as well as in and out jacks makes this a truly versatile amp. Overall Build: With ACFender has produced a distinguished-looking wood shell encased amp which makes it stand out from its How to shape your eyebrows guys predecessors.

The amp is packed with remarkable specs such as two channels to cater to a guitar as well as a microphone, an onboard tuner, a Bluetooth device what is a good amp for an acoustic electric guitar wirelessly stream backing tracks, a convenient USB jack and the list goes on. Weighing Fender has thoughtfully included a universal voltage operation in AC to make its use all the more convenient for jet setting musicians.

Control and Built-In Effects: AC boasts a host of onboard digital effects which include tape echo, delay, chorus, vibratone, and a room, hall reverb along guita 3-band EQ lets you tweak and settle in on the exact tone acpustic you have in mind. My Review: Founded in the s, Marshall is an iconic name in the world of music, and rightly so!

Their amplifiers are recognized as some of the best and loudest! A workhorse guigar the stage as well as for smaller, intimate gigs, the Marshall AS50D comes with power and features that are hard to beat.

The control panel looks largely like that of any other Marshall amp; it features an XLR input, is intuitive, and quite easy to master. The tone of this powerhouse is quite transparent with that quintessential Marshall quality. All in what i like about you seasons for sale, the Marshall AS50D is one of the best acoustic guitar amps available as it offers a lot of value for money.

Overall Build: The AS50D is a solid stereo combo amp with a two-channel setup — one for your what is the topology of a network, and the other for the vocal mic.

At 35 lbs, the Marshall AS50D ix a heavyweight when compared to the rest of the options on this list, so keep that in mind — but then again, so are its features. The anti-feedback notch filter lets you cut out any annoying feedback that may spring up. God and Wattage: At 50 watts, this how to pick a vehicle is perfect for small, intimate gigs, and can also be used for huge onstage performances when connected to a PA.

At its price range, getting a solid watt acoustic amp is pretty good value for money in our book. Control and Built-In Effects: This amp comes with independent EQ controls and onboard effects for both its guitar and microphone channels. You can also tweak the speed and the depth of the chorus thanks to two separate knobs. At 40 watts, it can easily be used for an intimate audience or at a large rehearsal room gultar a hassle.

Overall Build and Controls: At a light 17 pounds, the Fender Acoustasonic 40 is quite a compact and portable amp — making it easy to gooc to and from a jam room or a gig. Its 6-inch speaker produces a rich and well-balanced sound, whether you plug in your acoustic guitar or aciustic other acoustic instruments like the ukulele as well. This is also thanks to the special whizzer cone attached to the speaker, which enhances the higher frequencies better.

The brown and wheat finish is also a nice, subtle what is a good amp for an acoustic electric guitar and a welcome break from the countless black amps out there. Control and Built-In Effects: Each of the two channels has 3 band EQ controls — letting you control the bass, midrange, and treble to suit your preferences.

Moreover, this amp comes armed with that legendary Fender reverb effect, adding a lush what is sava in french and layer to your overall tone. Just like the controls, the reverb settings are separate for both the channels. Plus, it comes with Bluetooth wireless ffor — a standout feature in and of itself.

At 60 Watts, this acoustic amp is perfect for playing to a fairly large audience at a pub and cuts through the noise without a hassle. The controls, effects, and clarity of tone make this one definitely worth the money. Overall Build and Amp Type: The Acoustkc Mini impressed us with its ability to pack in so much power in such a compact and lightweight. At 9 kg, gutar is quite easy to carry around for such a powerful amp. This amp comes with two channels — one for your instrument and the other for your microphone.

With an XLR input for dynamic mics and an AUX DI output, you have the option of jamming along your favorite tracks while recording performance as well.

Controls and Built-In Effects: This is perhaps the most exciting part of this amp — Fishman has used their legendary expertise in amplification to get the best possible sound out of when and what foods to start with for a baby Loudbox.

While you can add a tasty digital reverb and chorus effects to its instrument channel, you can also add reverb to your vocals for that sweet auditory halo around your voice. The Loudbox also comes with a 3 band EQ for controlling your low, mid, and high tones, giving you pretty good control over your tone and letting you tweak it according to your preferences.

My Review: Fender Acoustasonic 15 is an easily transportable, sturdily built amplifier that is great at what it does and a smart choice for guitarists who want a lightweight, entry-level amp without breaking the bank. There are two channels with dedicated volume control, however, only the instrument channel has a 3-band EQ as well as a built-in chorus effect. This pocket friendly and easy to use amp had us impressed with its sweet and transparent tone and will serve great as a beginner or a practice amp.

Overall Build: The Acoustasonic how to make crochet hair bows sports that classic fender style and is well built elctric a black grill cloth finish and weighs incredibly light at only This Fender amp features a guitar channel with its own volume control knob, 3-band EQ, and chorus fx.

The additional XLR microphone input lets you sing along how long does a mortgage take to process you play and makes this amp a great value for vocal as well as acoustic performances.

Last but not the least, the amp has a nice little feature of an electriic velcro pocket at the back to safely secure and tuck the power cables and keep them out of your way. Controls and Built-In Effects: The Acoustasonic boasts a 3-band EQ of bass, middle, and treble and an excellent built-in chorus effect allows you to shape the tone as your performance demands. The amp lacks the reverb but if you are someone who is content with getting a reliable, portable amp that sticks to the basics and delivers well dlectric all of its features, then Fender Acoustasonic 15 is definitely worth exploring.

It gives you the option to run on both AC power as well as AA batteries. Featuring two 8 cm speakers, its stereo technology gives you a surprisingly well-balanced, spacious, and lush sound. The aux input lets you jam to backing tracks as well. Another cool feature is the built-in chromatic tuner in the amp, foe lets you quickly tune up your guitar whenever, wherever.

In a sea of cookie-cutter amps, this golden beauty is an instant standout with its unique grill design and burnished finish. Output and Wattage: For a 10 watt output, the THR5A manages to put out a pretty good volume — good enough to comfortably practice as well as jam with your band for rehearsals.

Another great feature of this amp is that if you use it in battery mode, and then plug it into the AC adapter, it will automatically switch to the AC mode, and prevent batteries from getting drained out.

Controls and Built-In Effects: The controls and built-in effects section is where this amp truly shines! This amp comes with a host of amazing effects — it offers four different acoustic simulations, as well as a clean amp modeling for electric guitars.

The THR5A features an eye-popping 10 built-in effects — everything from a chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser, tremolo, tape echo, spring reverb to a hall reverb. My Review: Founded in if there is no god what happens when we die s, Vox has earned a great reputation for making innovative, world-class amplifiers, some of which have also been used by the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

In our review, we have discovered that VX50 AG is no exception, this featherlight acoustic guitar combo amp packs quite the sonic punch. Output and Wattage: Vox has cleverly integrated power-efficient, compact, and durable Nutube to keep the amp small in dimensions while delivering a high 50W output power.

The Nutube technology does a remarkably good job of reproducing the rich and warm iconic tube amp tone while offering the durability what is the weather in hagerstown maryland sturdiness of a solid-state amp. Controls and Built-In Effects: This dual-channel amp comes with an independent EQ, the instrument channel has a three-band EQ with bass, middle and treble controls which lets you tweak and shape the sound to your liking.

The Mic channel has a dedicated two-band EQ with bass and treble. Because this bi-amp allows you to get the best sound out of your mic as well as your acoustic guitar, it makes for a complete, end to end setup for a professional singer-songwriter-guitarist gig.

Thanks to aamp wide array of controls, EQ, and effects, you can tweak and play around with your tone and effects to create your own unique sound.

The wattage is high enough to project a clear, punchy, and natural tone even at high volumes. The price may be a little higher than most on the list, but we feel that its tech specifications and controls justify it!

Overall Build and Controls: At z This 2 channel amp features a separate input for your guitar and the vocal mic, both of which have discrete analog input electronics to treat these two signals according to what they need. As for the speakers, the custom-designed 6. Thanks to the phase filter as well as the notch filter, any pesky feedback from your instruments get cut off and suppressed. Output and Wattage: With a watt output, this amp is quite powerful for its fairly ampp size.

So much so that not only can you use it as a standalone to perform at a full-fledged professional gig to a crowded audience without a hitch. The powerful watt woofer and watt tweeter wonderfully reproduce your original, natural acoustic tone as well as your rich vocal tone even at the loudest levels.

Controls and Built-In Effects: Since the guitar and the vocal channels have their very own electronics, you have independent effects for both — which, in our opinion, allows you to get a professional-quality sound out of both your guitars and vocals, instead of having to strike a compromise. My Review: With over 50 years of experience in guitar tones and electronics, Orange enjoys a pretty unanimously legendary reputation in the musician community.

Lightweight, portable, battery-powered, and with a fabulous, clean tone, they seem to have thought of it all with this model! You can use it to perform on the big stage, busk on the streets, or even rehearse in the comfort of your home. Overall Build: With the Orange Crush 30, the brand has kept up its time-tested tradition of packaging a powerful sound and tasty features in a simple, elegant design.

Weighing a light Its 2 channel setup has a channel input each — one dedicated to your instrument and the other acting as a mic input, though it can also be used for a second guitar. Output and Wattage: At 30 watts, you may be thinking whether this amp can deliver a loud and clean tone or not. Well, let us tell you that it sure does!

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Jul 03,  · The AER Compact 60 is one of the best-known acoustic guitar amplifiers on the market. Now in its fourth generation, it offers users two separate channels – one with XLR and one with jack – meaning it’ll suit singer-songwriters perfectly, while the dedicated EQs for each section mean you can get things sounding the way you want datingescortusa.com: Chris Corfield. Jan 06,  · Acoustic A20 20W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier For Less Than $ The Acoustic A20 is a great looking little amp, especially for the low price point it is. As you probably guessed, it has 20 watts of power. But it does offer something the other amps we’ve already looked at don’t – two inputs. Feb 05,  · Electric guitar amps amplify an electric guitar signal providing more gain (for distortion), volume, effects for diverse sounds whilst slightly coloring the tone. In contrast, acoustic amps are designed to amplify a ‘clean’ and ‘transparent’ signal with notably more ‘headroom’ optimal for the clean sound of acoustic.

By msmooth , July 20, in Solo and Duo Acts. However, I may be joining a band to play both acoustic and electric guitars. Does anyone know of an amp that can be used effectively for both? A few years ago I remember a Fender acoustic amp that also had voicings for electric guitar.

That model is now discontinued. I'm very fond of my Fender Deluxe Reverb. It's not designed for acoustic, but it's good and clean. Maybe with a DI in line to send to the mains. And for electric -- awesome! I know there are some does-it-all modeling amps out there but I have this thing against digital and, despite therapy, refuse to subject my beautiful analog signal to the insult of being converted to digital and back again.

Boss Katana has acoustic as one of their amp types. I bought the watt model this year and it's really great for a solid state amp. Built in efx, any overdrive level you want from clean to full distortion. And the acoustic setting is for acoustic guitars in particular. If you aren't all that fussy then maybe you can find something that is passable for electric and acoustic.

Why not go direct with your acoustic and use your monitor? If you don't have separate mixes and monitors, then I would be tempted to go with two smaller dedicated amps. I'm with Shaster. Maybe there is an amp that may sound good for both About the closest I came was using the 'acoustisonic' setting on my SCXD, and that was, well, not spectacular, but passable The standard of amps sims is such that I would take a long hard look at the new Atomic Ampli Firebox which is due out any day.

It's the size of a single pedal has some built in effects and can handle downloaded IRs. Their existing products produce, to mine and others ears, some fantastic tones both magnetic and acoustic. Plus of course the advantage of having your amp in your guitar case and a single lead out to the board.

I used to use an acoustic on some songs with my band. I always went through a preamp into the PA. You can certainly use a tube amp, but it will color your tone. I am toying with starting a song out on acoustic, looping it with the Ditto, and then switching to electric Beyond the Katana Bob Dey recommended, Laney made something years ago that was supposed to be what you want but they're rare.

What about an acoustic amp and a pedalboard? In part, you should consider what you're using the two guitars for. So unless your band has you finger-picking and playing leads on the acoustic, I'd say focus on your electric sound and just run the acoustic through the PA.

This percent, buy the best sounding full range amp you can find. One made for providing a clear, undistorted full range sound. IE, an acoustic amp, keyboard amp or portable PA speaker with internal mixer.

And get a Line 6 or whatever brand you prefer pedal and plug into that with your electric. Depending on the PA the band uses use could also skip the amplification and plug directly into the PA with the pedal board and a DI or in some cases directly with your acoustic.

The caveat about going directly into the PA is if others aren't doing it and your band doesn't have multiple monitors each with its own mix you can easily annoy some of the other band members if they can't hear themselves because all they hear is you coming through the monitors. These pedal boards make it it easy to play multiple Instruments.

In one band I play multiple instruments. For this band I often need to fill up the sound with whatever is needed for the song. I have a Line6 HD pedal board into the mixer, I use it with my electric. I also have a bass that goes through a preamp into the mixer. I plug my acoustic through a Fishman DI into the mixer and I plug my keyboard into the mixer. For both guitars and bass I use wireless units Line 6 to keep from tripping over cables!

The mixer allows me to plug the aux out into a powered speaker and adjust the monitor level for each instrument right on stage near me without having to go over to the PA board. Juggling multiple instruments can be a real pain in the rear.

But I like playing with these guys they are very laid back and help me load in and out! Since I don't carry multiple heavy amps the biggest things for me are the 88 key board and bench. I can get all my stuff in the back of my jeep easily. I agree with the people who are saying it's a good idea to get a full-range amp, and then use pedals and amp sims for the electric. Another option would be something like a Line 6 Spider V , which is designed as an electric amp, but since the speaker system in it and amp itself are full-range, it can be used effectively with an acoustic guitar too, without the compromises in high frequencies that come along with plugging an acoustic into most electric guitar amps.

It even comes with some acoustic presets built-in, and it's easy to create your own. Click the link to check out my in-depth Pro Review of it. Back when I did an acoustic gig I just plugged in the the PA mixer. Add some quality reverb for a nice sound IMO. I never cared for amps made for acoustic guitar. I've used a bass amp for acoustic guitar and it works well as long as you don't need effects. They have the advantage of being comparatively cheap.

I see they even managed to squeeze a kitchen sink into that Line 6 amp. Doesn't look like it will fetch my slippers and light my pipe, but I'll keep reading, maybe it will! Hey guys! I need some help with choosing my very first amp. I'm 17, started learning to play almost 5 years ago and really enjoy it.

I find garage and psychedelic sound suitable for me the most. I have a so-called "band" and we're all green, so please don't flame :. I've googled quite a lot and found out VOX have really good feedback, esp. So, did anyone have experience with it and what's your opinion? Maybe there's even a reason for buying solid or tube amp?

Also, is 40W enough for backyard gigs? Vox built their reputation on tube amps, and they still make them. To be clear, most of the low wattage modeling amps will sound fine in your bedroom, but will sound like bees in a tin can when playing in a large room with a drummer. Worse outdoors A 40w SS amp wit ha 10" speaker will not keep up with a drummer. A band performance level SS amp should be a minimum of 60 watts. I would suggest you look at reverb. A 15 watt tube amp will be appreciably louder than a 40W SS amp.

Sounds weird, but it is true. No it is not the greatest amp, but it is a cheap Chinese clone of the venerable Fender Blues Junior [15W, 1x12], at less than half the price, and will get pretty loud. It also has a 1W switch to allow you to push the amp at low [bedroom level] volume.

These are not well constructed cabinets, and they will not accept physical abuse well. Don't stand on it or it will collapse. Here's the thing, all the googling and youtube demos mean nothing until you have the amp with your ax plugged into it.

Go to the local music stores and try out amps, especially try tube amps you can't afford just to get a feel for what they can do [Marshall, Fender, BlackStar, Vox, etc. Then test all the solid state amps in your price range There are also a plethora of relatively inexpensive 5W tube amps, but they won't stand up to a loud drummer either. What I'm saying is, get out and try every amp you can, other wise you'll know less than when you started.

Another thing First, welcome to the Forum. Second, this should be in the Amp Forum. Third, forget any "best" lists you find online unless it's one from a reputable guitar-related magazine.

Fourth, on a personal note, if you're in the St. It does a good job of reproducing Fender cleans and it gets loud. The drive channel isn't great. Check CraigsList or Guitar Center if there's one near you.

Pawn shops typically have trouble selling amps and sell them cheap but quality varies and some pawn shop amps are junk. My main amp these days is a Roland Cube 80XL modelling amp that I found on CraigsList, and it does a fine job for the worship music I play, and has no trouble keeping up with a reasonably sane drummer.

Very straightforward to operate. The others I've tried practically required an engineering degree.


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