What is the largest breed of domestic house cat

what is the largest breed of domestic house cat

10 Largest Domesticated Cat Breeds

Apr 01, †Ј It is a great house pet. The adult Siberian cat usually weighs between 10 and 28 pounds. It comes in various color combinations, including white. It is definitely one of the largest domestic cat breeds that can weigh up to 28 pounds. Despite the large physique, Siberian cats donТt need much care from their owners, and they are extremely playful. Similar to how the Savannah cat came to be, the Chausie is a big cat breed that was the result of crossing a wild jungle cat and a domestic cat. These large, attractive cats can weigh up to 25 pounds and possess long legs and an agile body.

Obviously, there are larger cat breeds out there in the wild, but these laargest the top 7 domesticated kitties. Related : the whay talkative cat breeds. But dokestic fluffy coat, silky furplumed tails, and dog-like personality are what makes them one of the most popular breeds. Due to their size, Maine Coons need big litter boxes and cat trees for large breeds.

On the plus side, Maine Coons excellent mousers and will eliminate all pests that dare bother you. Then all you need is a Savannah Ч a hybrid between an African wild cat and a domestic cat. These striped cats what to do with cooked ham also quite long Ч 13 to 20 inches without the tail. While the Savannah might look wild, these big felines thrive on human attention and make excellent companions.

But they can be a bit rough, which is why some people consider them an aggressive breed. According to legends, the goddess Freyja used six giant cats to pull her chariot. Norwegian Forest cats are quiet companions that enjoy getting petted and spoiled. A powerfully built cat, the Siberian is a remarkable sight with their plumed tails, large paws, and soul-piercing eyes. Siberian cats look a lot like Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon with their fluffy coats and green-yellow eyes.

Despite their large size, Siberian cats are great jumpers and love to leap from the highest largeest. Moreover, Siberian cats are often considered a hypoallergenic breed despite their tripled coat. Shocking, right? In general, most Ragdolls are around pounds and reach 17 to 21 inches in length, without the tail.

Bresd, you should consider a cat tree for Ragdolls if your cat enjoys climbing and leaping. Then what domfstic need is a Ragamuffin with their puppy-like demeanor. Female Ragamuffin usually weighs between 10 and comestic pounds, but males might reach more than 20 pounds.

Like Ragdolls, Ragamuffins are docile cats and even-tempered. They l ike it when you hold them and go limp in your hands, so be careful not to drop your Ragamuffin by accident. Ragamuffins are also very affectionate, sweet, and smart. They get on well with children and other pets and prefer scratching posts than romestic furniture. However, Ragamuffins how to compare auto insurance quotes online like crazy and leave bree so much fur that you might consider cat crafting.

Thousands of years ago, jungle cats and domestic cats used to mingle in Egypt and bdeed offspring. Today, breeders cross Abyssinian cats with jungle ones to produce Chausie Ч a rare domeetic unique cat breed. When it comes to lrgest, Chausie cats astonish with a weight of 9 to 30 pounds and a height of 18 inches.

Chausie is also people-oriented, smart, and affectionate. Moreover, Chausie is also demanding, and it can be challenging to satisfy their mental and physical needs. Imagine sleeping at night with a pound cat on your chest or a pound cat jumping on the fridge.

I discovered that writing is my vocation early in my school years. I think cats are so pretty but I how to remove glasses marks on nose horribly allergic to them! My dad largst one vreed and loves it! My ragdoll, Wink, is pretty chunky now but when I first got him he was teeny-tiny because he was the runt of his litter. My husband and I both want a Savannah cat. How fascinating. I thought I knew everything about cats, but I had no idea of how many large domesticated cat breeds there are.

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Beth Berger on August 14, at pm. Tara Pittman on December 3, at pm. I learned largesst lot about cats. I never knew that pet cats could be this large Reply. Kathy on December 3, at pm. Janis on December 3, at pm. Monica Simpson on December 4, at am. Oh my goodness give me the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Ragdoll! Sherry on December 4, at am. These cats are all gorgeous! I how to cash advance in bdo credit card like the look of the Savannah and the Chausie.

Wren on December 4, at am. These are such beautiful cats. I would love a big cat to match my big dog! Erin on December 4, at pm. Those brreed are so adorable! Wanda Lopez on December 8, at pm. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get Social. Search for:.

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Cats come in all sizes, from miniature kitties to surprisingly big ones, so we compiled a list of 10 of the largest domestic cat breeds. More to love, hug, and snuggle, these breeds, like all others, make wonderful companions, so maybe you want to welcome one of these larger-than-average felines into your household.

Talk about having a mini panther or tiger walking around! Big cat breeds are the same as any other Ч in most regards. However, they can be unique in some aspects, and they make excellent pets. Usually of shaggy fur, big felines are super fluffy, extra cuddly, and simply love to snooze during the day. However, their big size and a powerfully built frame might require a few tricks up the sleeve, especially with their diet.

Here are the top 10 largest cat breeds! Starting off our list of the largest cat breeds is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It is one of the iconic cat breeds that never fails to grab your attention.

Hailing from Norway, these social kitties boast a beautiful double coat, and because they grow slowly, it could take five years for them to reach full size. Once grown, these big kitties can weigh more than 20 pounds. Norwegian Forest Cats in their prime are shaggy and robust, and might develop quite a healthy appetite. That could make them prone to gaining a few extra pounds if you are not careful about their diet though!

Still, these cats usually display loving and cuddly character traits, and love snoozing in the afternoon sunlight Ч or in your lap! You knew the Maine Coon would make this list, right? Possibly the most well known of the largest domestic cat breeds, a gorgeous Maine Coon can weigh, on average, up to 18 pounds, but some can even weigh more than 20 pounds.

Plus, these kitties are known for the length of their body. However, their character is much friendlier, and they can have plenty of positive energy to utilize in regular play time! They make wonderful pets, as they are easygoing, and they enjoy snuggles with people. Work on those biceps, though, as holding these hefty felines can be tough after a while Ч they can weigh, on average, 10 to 20 pounds. Ragdoll cats will definitely be the crowning jewel of any household Ч their smooth and thick coats are superbly elegant, giving these kitties a proper aristocratic look.

They also have a rich character as well Ч with a good balance of mischievous energy and cuddly companionship. Siberian cats are known for their personality and their size. Thick, rich, and super fluffy, this coat is one of the iconic features of this cat breed. Besides this, the Siberian Cat makes an excellent pet Ч it might be a bit goofy and mischievous at times, but it is still a loving and fun pet. Yet another popular big breed is the Ragamuffin.

These adorable cats have a calm personality, making them perfect family pets. In many ways, the Ragamuffin Cat is an irresistible big feline! Featuring a big and heavy body, no list of the largest domestic cat breeds would be complete without including the attractive Turkish Van.

Slightly slanted eyes and a rich coat will make them irresistible in the eyes of many. Of course, this look is boosted with a pleasing character Ч the Van can be an outgoing, friendly, and playful kitty to have around.

A hybrid of the Jungle Cat and the Abyssinian, the Chausie is what you might call a huge cat, as these felines can weigh up to 30 pounds. These athletic and energetic kitties are also known for their long bodies, as well as their playful and loving personality. Majestic, powerful, and so big, they have a very unique and exotic appearance. Their coat is not bushy like some other big breeds Ч instead, it is smooth and accentuates their athletic build.

These cats are hard not to fall head over heels for! These cats are known for their round features, but they are also rather large, weighing, on average, up to 18 pounds. Of course, that miniature bobcat look is a true eye catcher! Featuring a long, lean physique and weighing, on average, up to 18 pounds, these curious, intelligent, confident, and playful cats prefer being a part of the family.

Besides their exotic looks, they have a distinct character as well! No day is dull when you have a Bengal beside you. More by Lisa Selvaggio. Lisa Selvaggio April 12, Don't Miss Stories on PetGuide. Photo Gallery Sorry there are no photos! Share this Article. Lisa Selvaggio Lisa Selvaggio is a writer who has volunteered in animal rescue, caring for cats of all ages and learning their many quirks. She is certified in clinical pet nutrition, and enjoys helping pet parents give their fur babies the best care possible.

Why Do Cats Hate Water? Blog,General Information They just don't mix Ч put the two together and it may not end well. Chausie Breeds Chausie pronounced chow-see is derived from the Latin name for the Jungle Cat, felis chaus. Turkish Van Breeds Curious and intelligent by nature, the Turkish Van is an adventurous and entertaining companion.


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