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What not to wear

Think extreme casual. October weather will be like a fabulous day in Ireland. Rarely see women in dresses.. shorts and tops and jeans are worn in all but the most expensive of datingescortusa.comy with a sweatshirt as a cover up! May 06,  · The forums in the Christian Congregations category are now open only to Christian members. Please review our current Faith Groups list for information on which faith groups are considered to be Christian faiths. Christian members please remember to read the Statement of Purpose threads for each forum within Christian Congregations before posting in the forum.

I guess I know what to bring for during the day,basic summer stuff vest tops,shorts,t-shirts and crop trousers ,but what about what vitamin is an antioxidant the evenings?

Is it really going to look right to stick a jacket over your summer clothes?. Will I look daft wearing white trousers etc? What Im trying to figure out is do Floridians dress according to the seasons autumn fashions or is it the land of eternal summer?

OK seriously now - we are visiting Orlando from 9th November staying at Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club - warm enough for capri pants in the day do you think I haven't worn shorts since I was 12!! Cut four inches off the bottom of the white trousers and call how to check e mails capri pants.

Wear them on Venice Avenue with pride! Definitely warm enough for capris pretty much year round here. My rule of thumb is that capris are OK unless I'm wearing socks--which happens about ten times a what is repeater mode in router. I'm pretty certain that the whole "no white after Labor Day" theory has been put to bed anyway.

It is acceptable to wear white anytime of the year as long as it is tasteful. I certainly wouldn't not bring your cute white capris to central Florida in October if it looks nice with your outfit and you like them. They can be dressed down during the day with a t-shirt or dressed up for evening with a sharp top and nice dressy sandals.

There are certain places and times when certain attire is necessary. Also though going to a nicer area outside of the theme parks should require suitable attire that is not made for touring the theme parks.

The trick how to get port number in the packing - pick items that can be dressed up or down.

Even a simple casual summer dress can look comfy during the day and add a few accessories and dressy shoes and its a little more acceptable for eveing attire. Some white things should never be worn but I digress.

Oh yeah - forgot to add - wouldn't wear the white trousers or tshirts for that matter to the parks if you plan to ride any of the wet rides. Vegas ,I still hate the term touron,you have a great memory! Local Men do not wear capri's. Big big no no, and actually quite entertaining for the locals, hate to be harsh but thats how it is. Men with shorts on, please make them a reasonable length, and don't wear socks pulled up. Local men wear very low cut socks with shorts, not even visible above the shoe.

By the end of Oct you'll see women dressed in jeans and fuzzy boots, with sweaters on at night sometimes. I'm sure many of you hate this advice, so feel free to ignore it.

Don't complain when the locals giggle though. I go beyond giggling and laugh hysterically at the people who pack nothing but tank tops, shorts, adn flip flops in January and run around shivering the whole time they are here, and then complain about it when they get home.

I don't think capris for men have been very well received over here. Are they anywhere? I've seen them but I don't get it. Most men wear their shorts long enough that they could nearly pass for capris anyway - why not just stick with those? And do nix the socks with sandals, do not wear black socks unless with dress attire and don't wear tube socks. I'm not a Florida local or expert but if its a no-no in South Dakota then I think its safe to say its also unacceptable there.

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Men with shorts on, please make them a reasonable length, and don't wear socks pulled up. Local men wear very low cut socks with shorts, not even visible above the shoe. By the end of Oct you'll see women dressed in jeans and fuzzy boots, with sweaters on at night sometimes. It is certainly not eternal summer. Feb 21,  · If you saw my post last weekend where I spent about $ at JCPenney and got about $ worth of stuff>basically replaced my entire work wardrobe, with enough outfits to last at least 2 weeks, more if I mix & match. $5, would have bought me enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day and not have to wear the same thing for about. Wear whatever you like, no-one will give a stuff. Honestly. And there is nothing wrong with being a tourist. There are a lot of them around. If you want to look like a local going to work,wear black trousers and a jacket, carry a small case and look bored.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Ok, sometimes I will guiltily tune into that "reality" show because I"m bored or I genuinely want to get some fashion tips Anyone else agree?

I don't watch that show. But I've noticed similar prices in magazines. That is so ridiculous. Aptor hours. I guess the show is a good guide but don't assume that every blouse or shoe needs to be super expensive. Same thing with magazines. You can find those brands at TJ Maxx and other places on sale for way cheaper if you do homework. Pitt Chick.

It's a TV show There's the BIG difference. First of, those are NYC prices. That should be a start as to why those blouses start where they start. Second, they may be only showing those outfits that are high-end because those stores may do alterations. Half the time, Stacey and Clinton would illustrate why certain outfits need to be taken in to actually fit the wearer and flatter their figures.

I doubt that after the show, those women would actually blow those outrageous amounts on clothing. In-store alterations is not a common service and the cost of altering is prohibitive. Hopefully, the process that they walk the person through should provide the learning experience, not so much that the clothes are so expensive.

If you ever notice on the show when they first send the person out on their own, they usually drop them in the high rent district with all the mucho bucks boutiques. Then the next day when they help them shop, you will usually see them at more mainstream kind of stores. Tho the one lady a few days ago who bought 10 identical shirts in Old Navy lol!

Not all the pieces are ridiculous. So net net I suppose it wouldn't be too bad to have a few pricier pieces-esp when shopping with someone else's money. I have, but not anymore.

Aka when I was younger and stupid and overspent for everything just because I could. Originally Posted by Pitt Chick. If I were to actually get to the shopping part which wouldn't happen, would not see any of my chosen wardrobe go I'd walk through each expensive store and refuse to buy anything. Give me a discount store and clothes which are worth the price. And Stacy and her heels. Would be flat out refusing that one. My problem with the show is they are they are insisting there is ONE right way to dress and its theirs.

If people want to live in jeans and tshirts and work boots why not? Why do we all need to look the same. And they are promoting the exorbetent cost of these clothes which should cost fifty dollars at the max. This is certainly not what we need to condition the public to embrase, not now OR later. First, some of the items are unique and cannot be found in a chain department store.

That fact, along with the complimentary alternations and the level of rent the store has to pay for their premium location all factor in to the cost of the item. Second, I have noticed though that they have been good lately about featuring some outfits with well priced items. I watch the show sometimes for entertainment and to see the before and after shots. They seem to pick the skankiest looking people that don't look like they've bathed in a week or so, put some nasty looking clothes on them and then try to change them.

Some wear the jeans and tshirt and I'm thinking, what's wrong with this but Stacy and Clinton always find something wrong. I agree with them as far as if you're going to work or anywhere in public, dress the part and look nice and be clean.

Get a good haircut if at all possible. I don't think that a lot of money needs to be spent but quality is important and image is very important. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. What Not To Wear? User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Search Forums Advanced. Page 1 of 5. Advertisements Ok, sometimes I will guiltily tune into that "reality" show because I"m bored or I genuinely want to get some fashion tips Location: Northern NH 4, posts, read 10,, times Reputation: Location: southwestern PA 20, posts, read 41,, times Reputation: Location: Moon Over Palmettos 5, posts, read 18,, times Reputation: Location: Scottsdale, Arizona 1, posts, read 4,, times Reputation: Location: Cushing OK 14, posts, read 19,, times Reputation: Location: Texas 1, posts, read 4,, times Reputation: Location: Missouri Ozarks 7, posts, read 17,, times Reputation: City-Data Forum Message.

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