What type of government do we have in the u. s

what type of government do we have in the u. s

What Type of Government Does the United States Have?

Aug 04,  · The government of the United States of America is a constitutional federal republic. It functions as a democracy and a republic because citizens elect individuals to represent them, and a majority vote determines laws. The U.S. Constitution. The foundation of the United States government is the U.S. Constitution. The Federal Government is composed of three distinct branches: legislative, executive, and judicial, whose powers are vested by the U.S. Constitution in the Congress, the President, and the Federal.

The government is headed by the prime minister who appoints other ministers. The premier and other senior ministers form the Cabinet which is the top-most decision making committee.

The ministers are accountable to the Parliament which they also sit in while the government is dependent on the Parliament for policy making. The monarch selects as prime minister the person who commands a majority of support in the House of Common. The United Kingdom is a member of the Commonwealth. The Government of the United Kingdom is accountable to the Parliament, a principle known as "responsible government".

The monarch does not make an open political decision, but all the decisions are made by the Parliament and the government. The House of Commons is more powerful and can overrule the amendments of the House of Lords. While the upper house can introduce bills, most of the important bills are submitted by the lower house of which the majority of the bills in the lower house are presented by the government.

The Ministers of the Crown are expected to make statements and take questions from members of the houses they are sitting in.

The most senior ministers prefer the House of Commons to the House of Lords. The government is expected to maintain the how to write logon scripts for windows of the House of Commons since it requires its support for the passing of primary legislations.

If the government loses the confidence of the lower house, it is forced to either resign or a General Election is held. The prime minister heads the central government of the UK. The monarch, who is currently Queen Elizabeth II, is the head of state. She plays a minor role in governing the country with the Crown remaining the source of the executive power exercised by the government. The Crown possesses the Royal Prerogative which can be exercised for several purposes including issuing and withdrawing passports and declaring war against an external enemy.

Most of the Royal Prerogative powers are what is the zodiac animal for gemini to various ministries who can use them without seeking the consent of parliament. The premier, who is the head of the UK government, has a weekly meeting with the Queen where the queen can express her views on Government matters.

The meetings are strictly confidential. The ministers work in hand withcivil servants across the 24 ministerial departments. An additional 26 non-ministerial departments are also in charge of different responsibilities.

The UK government is also composed of three levels of elected local authorities. The local authorities are limited to collecting taxes and are supervised by the central government.

The official bodies like the local authorities and judges are independent of the government powers. Diplomats and EU official are immune from persecution in the UK for any offence. The monarch how to make chocolate ckae also immune from any criminal persecution and may only be persecuted upon her permission. The Monarch is also exempted from paying taxes and rates. The central and local governments are not permitted to sue anyone for defamation.

The British Parliament at dusk. John Misachi April 25 in Politics. G7 Countries. Communist Countries. Louisiana Purchase. Group Of Eight G8. What Is Authoritarian Government?

Government and Politics

The Constitution establishes a federal democratic republic form of government. That is, we have an indivisible union of 50 sovereign States. It is a democracy because people govern themselves. It is representative because people choose elected officials by free and secret ballot. It is a republic because the Government derives its power from the people. 83 rows · In the United States, divided government describes a situation in which one party controls . Mar 10,  · On June 21, , New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the document, making it binding, and government under the U.S. Constitution was .

The US is a republic composed of 50 states, a number of territories, and a district, Washington D. C, which is also the country's capital city. The United States was formerly a British Colony and fully acquired its independence from Britain in After its independence, the US set out to acquire new territories, some of which were later admitted as states. The government of the United States is quite unique when compared to the government systems of other countries.

Several nations tend to model their government around that of the US. The politics of the US takes place mainly under a two-party system. Two major political parties, the Democratic and Republican parties, dominate the political scene of the US.

The presidency usually alternates between the two political parties. However, there are other minority political parties. The minority parties are rarely given recognition. In very rare instances do the minority parties to form the government. The president is the head of the federal government of the United States.

However, each state forms its government for administration purposes. The powers of the state governments are exercised within restricted state boundaries. The most powerful figures in the states are the governors. The federal government of the US has three branches: the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. The powers, roles, and limitations of the three branches are highlighted in the US constitution.

The three branches of the government are as discussed below. The head of the executive branch of the federal government is the president. The president is the most powerful figure in the government. She or he is both the head of the government and state.

The president is assisted by the vice president who is elected as the running mate in a general election. The powers and functions of the president are, however, limited by the constitution. The responsibilities of the president include commander-in-chief of the armed forces and appointment of the members of the cabinet. The president is limited to a maximum of two terms of four years each. The legislative branch is composed of the two parliamentary houses. The House of Representatives is composed of members with each member representing a congressional district.

The state with the highest population has the highest number of representatives. The delegates representing the territories of the US are also members of the House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of members. Each of the 50 states elect two members to the Senate regardless of the geographical size or population. The senators are elected after every six years. The judiciary of the United States is independent of influences from the Legislature and the Executive.

It is made up of the Supreme Court, federal courts, other minority courts, and the organizations that support them. The judiciary is responsible for upholding, explaining, and applying laws.

It is also responsible for hearing of cases and making legal decisions. The Capitol building is the meeting place of the United States Congress. John Misachi February 20 in World Facts.

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